Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"A whole new world"

Ok, not really a whole new world, but it kinda feels that way! I have a reasonably new husband, a fairly new job, and a very new bubs!! For the past few weeks, in fact the past year, iv been trying to find how i fit into all the new shapes that my life has taken, finding a shoe that fits so to speak!

And since pregnancy has worked its magic on my body, i am also literally trying to find a shoe, ANY SHOE, that fits!!

Since i'v been introduced to the blogging world i'v read sum amazing and inspiring blogs, written by real people with real life experiences. I love being able to 'share' their experiences with them and decided that i wanted to have a go at this. So i'm going to share my own story about the life i'm living and want to live, and all the bits that go with it!!

I want to share my experiences about being a new wife, a new mummy, and once upon a time (only 2 years ago) a new registered nurse. Hopefully i can also share the journey towards a healthy, happy me as i tackle the weighty issues that came with the beauty of pregnancy!

Im challenging myself to the task of writing something at least once a week in the hopes that it will hold me accountable and inspire me to be motivated! (Secretly i also want somewhere to show off my scrumptious new buba!)

So here goes.....