Thursday, 21 July 2011

9 weeks!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Today's thoughts...

Today's thoughts have been around returning to work! As in, i don't want to! Iv left my child once for 45 mins and that ended in tears all round, how on earth will i manage an 8 hour shift??? It's not like the return is immediate, iv still got 2 months to go, and lots will change in that time, but i don't think my separation anxiety will!!

The other part i'm thinking about is whether i will actually remember everything!! I'm sure my baby brain can now be classed as a medical condition! I can start a sentence and then change tracks at least 3 times, and then completely forget why i opened my mouth in the first place! Who wants someone with this amount (or lack thereof) of brain power giving them their medication or dressing their wounds!!??

Iv also been feeling very thankful for the clothing swap that's going on at the mo! I'v amassed a collection of bubby clothes that my wee man is a considerable way away from fitting, and my good friend has a collection of clothes that her wee chubby cheddar has out grown! So we've swapped! I get clothes that my boy fits, she gets clothes that her boy fits, then we swap back once they'r outgrown so that lachy has clothes that fit, and my friend has clothes that her next bubba can grow into!! Its a fabulous idea! (Open in the sense that sometimes baby clothes can get completely annihilated, and may not be fit for return) And its great when moneys pre
tty limited and your down to one wage!

And on top of that, my sister is an op-shop legend and a, well im not sure what u call it, but she always manages to be in the right place when people are trying to get rid of outgrown clothes!! Yay for me, and yay for Lachy!!

Oh another highlight has been that for the past 3 nights my bubby boo has been going down for a 4 and a half hour stretch on his first sleep overnight!!! The other sleeps are only for 2 and a half hours at a time, but that's ok, they'l improve too! Its all worth it when i look into the bassinet and he's staring right back at me with a huge smile on his beautiful face...and the occasional peek-a-boo!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It was gunna be the weighty issue!!

So I had all the good intentions of a fitness freak from Les Mills last week!! On Friday i did a fitness test to confirm my poor level of fitness (which i totally could have told them without the test), and signed up to my first spin class and workouts, with the creche booked and everything!!

And now my bubby boo is sick again!! Firstly, i cant put him in creche because he has a recurrence of Bronchiolitis that's contagious, and second, i don't want to leave him!!!! I'm already paranoid and sappy enough when he's not sick, but now (his poor voice is so hoarse and scratchy) when he cries he sounds so awful it breaks my heart and makes me want to cry!! I couldn't leave him with someone else thinking that he might cry for them and i wont be there to comfort him!!! Is that totally sad or what!? And ridiculous to, because there are other people that can comfort him! (His daddy's doing that right now!) I just feel like i have to be there for him ALL the time! Is this just me or is it a new mum thing??

At least i got off my bum and walked for an hour! So that's one wee bonus!!

These two scrummy fotos of my boys have been keeping my smile intact this week (as well as the image of me going arse over tip off a cross trainer). My bubby boo is just gorgeous in his new (hand-me-down) Tigga suit (Thanku Petra and Xerez!)!! I love hand-me-downs!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A shopping league of my own!

So, for a bit of an embarrassing confession....I love to shop in supermarkets! I dont mean that i love to go grocery shopping, i mean that i love to walk up and down the isles of supermarkets and admire all the products!! I used to think this was a fairly normal thing until i started asking around...who knew!
Iv decided, however, to embrace this weird love of mine and continue to browse the supermarket isles!! And its not just the isles i love, its the supermarket layout too! For example, there's one particular New World (u know who u are!) that lets u by-pass the fruit and vege section and go straight to the other isles or checkouts!! This is fantastic when your in a hurry and dont want to get stuck behind the vege fanatics that leave their trolleys in the middle of the isle as they poke and prod all the vege's!
My fav' isle is the beauty isle and i can take almost 20mins browsing all the products and arousing the suspicion of the store security (especially now that i have a push chair!). I love looking at all the different products and plotting which ones i might like to try when mine runs out!
Next fav' isle is the baby isle, so much more now that i actually have a baby! This isle always inspires happy memories of helping out with my sisters kids, and now my own! It brings to me the smell of baby powder and no more tears shampoo, and always makes me smile!(sad i know!)
The madness continues in the meat isle where i think of all the delicious meals i could create (but rarely do 'cause my cooking skills are still in the amateur stage). I love planning a weeks worth of possible meals, but i have yet to actually put any of these plans into action, so our weekly meal situation is still pretty random (hence the over abundance of take out that i'm prone too!)
I could go on all night!!I s'pose i should be thankful that i haven't been arrested during any of my little forays!! Usually i'l buy something small (and chocolaty) just to go through the checkouts and give them the chance to peer into my pushchair (under the pretense of checking out my scrumptious wee buba!) and satisfy themselves that i haven't loaded the bottom basket with their entire meat selection or Olay range!
Sigh, yup, that's my crazy wee addiction!!I'd love to hear if anyone else out their in the world is willing to join me in this crusade!! Or at least admit that they too have a crazy/sad addiction!
And now its time for sleep (If my buba approves, that is)! If i dont post tomorrow its because the first gym visit was wickedly too intense and broke my butt! (im only going for a 10 min fit test but you just never know how these things are gunna turn out!)

Gnite all!!

The weighty issue post!

Iv turned into a total blog stalker these days (sorry facebook), and the one thing iv noticed on every new mom blog that iv seen, is that everyone's on a health kick/weight loss journey of some sort! It makes me feel a bit better about my own health kick attempts!!
I hadn't been feeling very successful until a few days ago, when i got off my arse and took my buba for a walk to the supermarket! (An hour all round journey). I wasn't walking very fast, and i probably looked a bit drunk (stupid 3- wheel pram!) but i did it! Even better, the next day i did it again! I think the supermarket workers must have thought i was shoplifting!
Even better than the walking, my eating is improving! (no one can count the Mc Donalds we got after watching "Supersize me" cause we were made to by subliminal messaging....that's my excuse). I even went out for lunch and shopping with another new muma friend and we bought HEALTHY Pita Pockets!!! (And they were delicious!!)
And now for the next amazing fact...the same friend has managed to convince me to join the gym!! (I think i'l plead temporary insanity when we start tomorrow at 7.30am) As an added bonus, it was really cheap with no joining fee and you only have to join for a month at a time, which is great for absent gym bunnies like myself that have issues making it after the initial excitement fades and the workout starts to hurt!! And they have a creche that's only $2 an hour!! Fingers crossed that i can at least make an effort for 4 weeks!! Which brings me to my next thought...
How much weight can a breast feeding muma lose?? I cant/wont cut calories 'cause my growing wee man needs them all to get big and strong, so whats the point of trying really?? I guess i need to learn that i can still keep buba big and strong not by minimizing what i eat, but by changing it for healthier options, like the pita pockets instead of Mc D's, and knowing that a pear or banana and some cereal is going to provide more nutrients for his booby-juice than a king size block of chocolate!! Weight loss might be a by-product of this?? (i'm a nurse, its sad that i cant summon the brain power to work my way through this!!)
The other thing is exercise! I'm not up for anything strenuous, and i haven't jogged since i was in my early 20's but the odd spin class or 2 and the cross trainer should be good! Free weights too if i can handle it! If i cant lose weight i can at least tone up, or try to!! Haha, i just read back and noticed that i put the 'odd spin class or 2' under the nothing too strenuous category! Bahahaha, iv never done a spin class in my life, and in fact its been almost a year since i was on a normal bike (not going fast i assure you!), i think its probably gunna kill my butt, not to mention my thighs! And while i can manage the cross trainer now, my very first attempt saw me flying off the back of one in front of a very fit group of gym bunnies that are really committed to their cause! What made it even better was that all the mirrors around the equipment meant that i got to see myself go arse over tip from numerous unflattering angles!!
I guess if nothing else i'm gunna provide an hour or so of entertainment for everyone else! And on my off days i can still go walking with anyone whose keen, or back to the supermarket for any meaningless little thing that i convince myself i need!!


Sunday, 10 July 2011

My smiley bubba and Chamomile tea!

This piccy just makes me melt every time i see it!! Just when i think my heart cant possibly fit any more love in, my amazing boy goes and does something like this!! The biggest, most beautiful smile iv ever seen!!
Not only this, he's discovered that his arms and legs are attached to him and has started really interacting with his toys and gym! He also sucks his thumb when it manages to land in his mouth!lol! Sigh, i think my child is the most amazing thing EVER!
We also took him for his first longer drive, 2 and a half hours each way in the car around windy roads, and he was such a champ! He slept the whole drive there and most of the drive home (thanks in part to his cousins keeping his dummy in his mouth). It was totally worth it any way to see his Meema for snuggles!! What a great day!

In other news, I have managed to make an attempt at being healthy by trying chamomile tea, which was suggested to me to help with bubby boos colic. Surprisingly, this time round, i seem to be enjoying the stuff, and as a result am drinking heaps less milo, and i think im a wee bit more relaxed! (not sure if my hubby would agree with that though) And bubby boos bringing up wind on his own! Its just bonuses all round!!

So something else that's been on my mind is feeling remotely pretty. I don't mean that i think i'm ugly at all, its just that when you barely have time to vacate your pjs each day, let alone shower and brush your hair, the little things that make you feel good are like a distant memory. Even shaving my legs these days is a luxury, i'l probably be able to get cornrows soon!
I want something quick and easy to do after i fall out of the shower and skid over on the pooy nappy on the floor! A bit of mascara or some blusher (do people still wear that??) just to feel a wee bit fresh, and feel like, well normal really. Something other than bubby spew/poo to decorate me! Any ideas?? Sigh, neither. Finding time for the loo is an achievement these days, im probably not gunna waste that time poking myself in the eye with a mascara wand! I think maybe when my bubby can sleep for more than 15 mins at a time during the day il consider it more!

This week im gunna make a much huger effort to be the healthy mum that i want to be (as much as my head cold will let me anyway) and try to get out with the push chair!! Even just a walk round the block would be good! I know i feel so much better when i manage to get out of the house, and bubby boo loves going out in the push chair!!!

Anywho, im off to bed now, with my mountain of tissues and vicks on my feet (which truely works!). Gnite world!! :)

Ps: My new shoes are still amazing!!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Me, bubs and my day!

So today, i got to be productive and attend an infant massage class! It was great, and Lachy was so relaxed in spite of the lack of sleep!! He and the wee girl next to him just oogled each other while the other babies cried! It was fantastic, and he loved the massage!

The other thing i did today was go all out with my eating, completely stuffing my face with pizza, cheesecake and chocolate! What happened to healthy eating?? Not only do i completely lack motivation, apparently will power is out of my league too :(
At least torrential rain and wind gave me some form of an excuse to not exercise....I'l ignore the fact that someone invented indoor exercises!
On a happier note, i had some great company, who took some piccys of me and my delicious boy!! AND...(Drum roll please...)

Yesterday i bought new pair of shoes!!!

For anyone that knows the heartache of my shoe journey, you can rejoice with me! For those that don't, this is the first pair of shoes that i have been able to fit and wear comfortably for 10 months!! My feet swelled so wickedly during pregnancy that i couldn't get my jandals on properly in the last couple of weeks! After Lachys birth i lost a whole lot of fluid only to find that i now have slightly larger feet in 2 different sizes! Who knew!!

My awsum hubby has spent many torturous hours trying to shoe shop with me, and has spent an equally torturous amount of hours consoling me when we returned home empty handed! Now the dark days are gone! I have tried to show a pic of these amazing shoes in the following pics, so everyone else can admire them and gaze in reverence too!! Now all i have to do is figure out how to walk wearing shoes again... stay tuned for that one!lol

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The 6 week check!!

So yesterday was pretty awful!! I had to sit back and watch (sob) while my wee man was stuck with needles!! :( While we made the decision to have Lachy immunized actually watching it done is something else altogether!! Glen had to hold him because i just couldn't! I managed to hold myself together for the first shot, but hearing him try to catch his breath to scream again while he was already crying was too much and i totally dissolved at the second injection. I have to point out that i cried for longer than Lachy did (cause he's such a brave boy!!), I eventually settled when i was able to hold him to me tho!
Then to add to his torture he had to have another heel prick for his jaundice! That one wasn't so bad, and he hardly made a sound so yay!! The rest of the day was torn between him sleeping (Which was amazing!) and starting and crying!

Today he's back to his usual self and refusing to sleep, and i have time to dwell on the rest of the docs visit! So, i stood on the scales.... i shouldn't have done that! Any excitement i had at the 10kg i lost after the birth of my beautiful bub is gone, and 5 of the kg's that i lost have found me again after an intense search! What do i do!! Hiding doesn't work, the chocolate still finds me :( And still motivation evades me! What is it guna take for me to clean up my act! At least now iv been for 2 short walks and have upped my fruit intake! Sigh, i'l get there i guess!

So now i'm going to try and sleep while my wee man is, with my fingers crossed that tonight will be a better night!


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Parenting thoughts!

So tonight at a friends birthday dinner i was able to hear some different opinions on babies and routines. Iv been struggling to get our wee man into a feed/sleep routine and currently im failing miserably! The poor kid just doesn't appreciate the wonder of sleeping during the day like i do! He does try, he really does, but after 10 - 15 mins of pretending to sleep he just cant keep his eyes shut, and then he gets ants in his pants and starts wriggling around in his wrap! We call him 'squirmy wormy' :)

Because he was also only sleeping a max' of 2 hours a night and wanting to be fed every hour as well, sleep was becoming a distant memory! We decided to try the sleep/feed routine to see if that would help. I have to say, his feeding times are much improved (3 - 4 hourly) and his night sleeps are also improving (last night he did two 3 hour stretches!). Unfortunately his intense dislike of day sleeps hasn't changed, unless hes being snuggled by some hapless person that's fallen for his charms, and even then he fights it for all hes worth!

So my issue here is do i continue to attempt to put him in his bassinet for day sleeps or just let him sleep if and when he chooses during the day?? I want to be a more relaxed mummy, but when im failing at routines i tend to lose all concept of being relaxed, and lean more towards being a dragon lady type mum! But if i let him sleep if and when, then i worry that im letting him develop bad habits! ( Do 6 wk olds develop habits??)

Either way that i choose to go there will be critics questioning what i do and why, and experts that have opinions on my style of parenting. I wonder if i can mix the two together?? Can i have a relaxed parenting style that still incorporates some form of routine?? After thinking on the advice i got tonight, i feel i can, and maybe this will be even better for both of us! There's no reason why i cant let day sleeps happen if/when bubs wants, but perhaps i could encourage them instead of try to force them, for example a walk in the push chair would put bubs to sleep and give me exercise and fresh air! That sounds much more pleasant than spending 2 hours trying to settle him into his bassinet and making us both miserable! Then i can just work on improving his night sleeps!

I love that writing things down helps put them into perspective!! Maybe i can be a relaxed mummy! Anywho, thoughts and advice is welcomed with open arms, so feel free to throw it this way!!

Off to sleep now before my lil chippy wakes up again!!
Nite all! :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Starting out!

I have to admit i didn't stop and think how hard it would be to get a blog started!lol. Thinking of witty things to write doesn't come naturally to my baby addled brain...actually, thinking in general doesn't come naturally anymore! But i'm getting there slowly, and the pages will be completed eventually! I'm still figuring out how everything works too, it's a constant Discovery channel!

Anywho, im feeling quite successful today! My buba had two 3 hour sleeps over night and then napped on and off till about 8am! Yay! We also managed to exercise today! Another big yay, cause it also meant Lachy slept in his pushchair for the duration (just over an hour!). And i managed to get a roast on for dinner, and for once my crackling was Perfect!!
It made me feel quite domesticated as well. Takeout has been pretty high on our dinner list lately and iv been feeling gutted, because i like the idea of being able to put a nice (reasonably healthy) meal on the table for my family!
I even did a pudding!...ok, so it was instant pudding but that's still good!

As for the walk, i loved getting outside in the sunshine and actually doing something! Sitting at home on my bum is only fun for so long and its hard to try to get healthy when its raining and cold and walking with a pushchair is the only exercise i can do with a grumpy bub!
I cant wait till i can get my zumba on again, with the size of the lounge we have i'm bound to break something! I love doing zumba, i always feel slightly coordinated right up till they start dancing and then i look a bit like a jellyfish stuck on an electric fence! Its freakin awsum i tell ya! At least there's no one to watch....although theres nothing wrong with making people laugh!

I took more fotos of my scrumptious wee lad today!! He's so delicious!! I cant believe how amazing our child is!! He spent part of his day (when i'm sure he was s'posed to be napping) 'chatting' to his daddy and just generally looking gorgeous!! Sigh, i LOVE my wee family!! They make me smile and feel so in love every day!!

Ok, bed time!! I promise to myself that i'l work more on this tomorrow!!