Monday, 31 October 2011

Oh what a Night...Or week!

What a week!!  I have a hubby with his arm in a sling, a bubby that wont sleep, and fortunately, the best family and friends in the world!!  Happily, i think we may have seen an end to the night terrors (Reflux was the likely culprit!), but Lachy has decided that sleep is extremely overrated and is refusing day sleeps (again) and waking every 1-3 hours overnight!!  I've been walking around like the living dead (in appearance and sound) trying to get stuff done while hubby looks on with a slightly pained and lost expression! 

Enter stage left...Mum!!! Yay!! Enter stage right....Sally and Lal!! Yay!!  So i managed to emerge from the weekend with a few marbles left (I never had many to start with!) and not too many grey hairs!! Oh, and a bucket load of photos.....again!

Mum stocked us up on lollies in case of trick-or-treaters and we've been waiting patiently for them to come screaming up to the gate.....still waiting( cue crickets chirping).  So far all we've had are a couple of opportunists that were just asking for lollies!  In spite of the lack of costume i thought i'd humor them and ask what they were dressed as..."uhhh, humans".  Uhuh.  And so the wait goes on!

And so tonight, sigh, tonight, as a last resort my boy is spending his first night in his own room :(   Im trying very hard to be big and brave about far i'm doing ok, but i fear that halfway through the night i may crumble!  The problem is this, he's no longer in pain, he's getting enough food, he's the right temp, he's comfy, but he's still waking frequently through the night and i've started to question if it's because he knows i'm right there!  (I may/may not be guilty of spoiling him!)  So anywho, we're gunna give it a go!! Whats the worst that could happen...? (Visions of me curled up in a ball by the head of the cot!) Did i mention that he went down without a fuss in his new room! (Visions of my boy growing up and not needing his mummy anymore!)  See what a sad sap i've become!!

Anyway, enjoy the pics, i'm off to tell hubby to harden up shower my hubby with tender care!!

First Watermelon of the season!! Yummo!!!

Lachy watching us eat our watermelon!!

Isnt he scrummy!!

Sigh.... My heart melts on a regular basis!

Even when hes dribbling!!

I love his cheeky-bean smile!!

Hanging outside with mumma!!

His stunned-mullet look that he gets when hes super excited!

Now that he can roll he thinks hes the cleverist thing ever....cause i tell him he is!!

His new inch-worm technique for moving!! (and his bald spots!)

"Look at my dribble mum!!"

Such a worrier!

The new bear suit!!...Still a bit of growing to go!

Super Bear!!

Having a fantastic time on the rocking horse with Nanny!

Love his chubba legs!!

It got even more exciting when he realized there was a bit he could munch on!!

Getting ready for bed in his own room!!  I miss him already!

Playing hide and seek!!

I hope everyones weeks going Awesome!!


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Look at my Clever Boy!!

I almost forgot that i caught this moment on camera!! My wee man decided this morning that he had a new trick for his proud mama!! (Please excuse the proud mamas crazy voice! I was a tad bit excited!)

Isnt he so Clever!!! We still haven't mastered rolling from tummy to back but that will come!!!  Sigh, he's getting so big!!

Toodles!!  :)

50 Questions!

I spotted this '50 Questions' over on Maegans awesome blog Chesterrific and thought what a fantastic way to let people know more about ya!!  So Thanks Maegan (did i mention she has the scrummiest looking recipes on her other blog Yay! Butter! ) and here we go!!

1#  Where were you 3 hours ago - At the baby dedication of a gorgeous wee boy!

 2#  Who are you in love with - Hubby!! (and the beautiful wee lad we made together!...we make cute babies!)

 3#  Have you ever eaten a crayon - Uhhhh, no.

4#  Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you - ummm, searching...My hand weights!!

5#  When is the last time you went to the mall - Actually into the mall? Wednesday!

6#  Are you wearing socks right now - Yup, but i think i wrecked them 'cause i put my jandals on with them!

7#  Do you have a car worth over $2000 - Yup (Go Ford!!)

8#  When was the last time you drove out of town - Today to go to the baby dedication!

9#  Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days - Nope, Roll on BREAKING DAWN!!

10# Are you hot - umm, Hubby says so!!

11# What was the last thing you had to drink - Green tea with strawberry! Yummo!

12# What are you wearing right now - Jeans and grey maternity top (no, not pregga's, its just a comfy top!)

13# Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it - I 'let' Hubby do it!

14# Last food you ate - Curry and Roti!! Best meal in the world! (thanks Mum!)

15# Where were you last week at this time - I have absolutely no idea!! I take mummy-brain to the extreme!

16# Have you bought any clothing items in the last week - Nope

17# When was the last time you ran - It was Monday or Tuesday?!

18# What's the last sporting event you watched - Rugby World Cup!....Which we WON!! Go the All Blacks!

19# What's your fave animal - I have lots, but i think horses are my fav'!

20# Your dream vacation - Hmmm, i'd love to travel from Alaska down the West Coast to Mexico (with thousands of a few side journeys inland) in a camper!!

21# Last person's house you were in - My friends parents place!

22# Worst injury you've ever had - ummm...i haven't really had any bad injuries...i did the ligaments in my ankle playing netball and got to wear a moon boot for about 3 weeks!

23# Have you been in love - Yup, i am now!

24# Do you miss anyone right now - A few people, friends that i wish were a lot closer!! Instead of England, Wellington, Aussie, Ohope etc

25# Last play you saw - Snow White and the 7 Dwarves when i was 7?

26# What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex - ummm, i don't think i had one!?  Or maybe it was the coolness of my jandals?

27# What are you plans for tonight - Blog then bed! (Yay bed!)

28# Who is the last person you sent a myspace message or comment to - Do people still use my space?

29# Next trip you are going to take - Possibly Whangarei so Lachy can meet his Great Grandnana!

30# Ever go to camp - A couple of school ones, I love actual camping!!

31# Were you an honor roll student in school - Nope, i left school when i was 16

32# What do you want to know about the future - If a decent sleep is in the cards for me any time soon!

33# Are you wearing any perfume now - Nope

34# Are you due sometime this year for a doctor visit - Nope, fingers crossed!

35# Where is your best friend - At work

36# How is your best friend - Broken

37# Do you have a tan - Sigh, no.  Roll on summer!

38# What are you listening to right now - Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons on the radio

39# Do you collect anything - Nope, oh do receipts in my purse count, cause i seem to amass those quite well!

40# Who is the biggest gossiper you know - Face book!

41# Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over - Maybe the start of the year, just for compulsory breath testing (Very pregnant and def' not drunk!)

42# Have you ever drank soda from a straw - Yup! We also used to poke holes in the lids of our fizzy bottles and drink from them like they were baby bottles!

43# What does your last text message say - "Whats a bumig?"...Hubby has issues with his predictive text.

44# Do you like hot sauce - Nope! 

45# Last time you took a shower - Last night

46# Do you need to do laundry - Always

47# What is your heritage - Fijian-Indian, Norwegian, English....just a kiwi really!

48# Are you someones best friend - Yup

49# Are you rich - Nope, but we're getting there slowly!

50# What were you doing at 12 am last night - Feeding Bubby, wishing i was sleeping!

So there ya go!! A bit of extra info for everyone!  Hope your all having a fantastic weekend!!

Toodles :)

Ps:  Blog Hopping again over at Young and Restless!! Gunna have to stop doing this, i now have way too many fantastic blogs to read!!! Will put the wee linky thing up as soon as Hubby comes home and tells me how!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge - Faces

This is my faces entry for The Paper Mama Photo Challenge!  I thought bubba was asleep in his push chair, then i had a quick peek and found this gorgeous face!!  The wee darling held the face long enough for me to capture it! What a champ!

I love that bottom lip! He's always sticking it out when his toys wont play nicely! (or his hat!).
Thanks for checking it out!! 

Toodles! :)

Long Weekends!

What a weekend!!!  Not only did NZ win the Rugby World Cup, me and the family hosted our first ever BBQ of the year, and our first as a wee family, AND it was a 3-day weekend!! It was hugely exciting i tell ya!!  And while i forgot to take photos at the BBQ, I took a few million of my gorgeous boy enjoying the sun with his daddy! (There's also a couple of BBQ prep pics!) 

Photographic evidence that my Pavlova was actually poofy at one point!    

Getting the BBQ ready!

Proof that i do in fact spend time in the kitchen!!

The finished Pav' and, I think, the reason the All Blacks beat France in the Rugby!


My Bubbles.

Im so stoked that he hasn't outgrown his stunned mullet look!

Cuddles with Nanny!!

Play time with Daddy!! Yay!!  I love catching his smiles!!

"Look daddy, I'm flying!"

More schnuggles!! (yes, i made that word up)

Check my scrummy child out!!

I Love that bottom lip!!

So now we patiently wait for the next long year maybe?!  I'm off to go and pick my next photo challenge photo!!  And to fix my blog...i just found out that my blog isn't actually attached to my name so it doesn't appear to everyone that i have a blog...did that make sense? And that's a lie too, i'l be sweetly asking my hubby to fix it!lol.  I really should learn more about my computer.... Anywho!

Toodles!! :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Simple Delights!!

This is my wee man being entertained by his Aunty and Uncle and a wee sponge toy i made off Pinterest!!  I cant believe how hysterical he gets over this wee toy! Usually he gets so overwhelmed when he laughs that hard, that his laughing turns to crying.  This time he just laughed like a little crazy, and of course his laughing had us laughing, and it was really just an all round laugh fest!!!!

Stay tuned for more photos of my beautiful boy from over the long weekend cause they're on the way!!!

Toodles!! :)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Roll on Summer!!

Im one of those freaks that love the hot season!!  I think there's nothing better than sitting in a sunny patch (with sunscreen) feeling the sun soaking into your skin!! I love it when the temperature soars to ridiculous heights and all you can do is find a cold drink and a shady spot! (Please note that my opinion of summer definitely changed for the duration of my pregnancy!)  Today i'm feeling a bit chilled, so i thought id brighten my own day with some of the things i LOVE about summer!!

  •  Heat!! (I hate the cold!! I think i actually have a phobia of being cold!)
  • Watermelon!!!  I love the stuff!! I would happily consume an entire watermelon by myself (possibly 2 if i wanted to suffer the consequences of too much fruit!)
  • The smell of lawns being cut in the sun!!  Who doesn't love that smell, it's fantastic!.....Unless you accidently run over a dog poop.  Then...not so great!
  • Lazing on an inflatable chair in the pool!!  Hubby bought me one so i could float my belly round in the water without sinking!  It has a cup holder, which made me feel extra flash!!
  • BBQ's!!!  Who doesnt love BBQ's (Yes this must be typed in capitals!!)  Having family and friends over, kids running around on your freshly cut, nicely smelling lawn, with the smell of burning sausages and steaks (I could never be a vegetarian!)!!!  What a perfect afternoon/evening!!  
  • Ice cream on a cone!!!!!! Lets be honest, this one is a year round obsession!  I love nothing more than a couple of scoops of ice cream (1 scoop cookie and creme, 1 scoop goody gumdrops) any time of year, but its especially good in summer when you have to eat it in a hurry to stop it making the cone go soggy, and then you get brain-freeze for your troubles!!
  • Days at the beach!!  Enough said!!
  • Afternoons spent water skiing!! I missed out last summer (skiing and belly's don't mix well) so i'm looking forward to heading out this year!!

    And for the next few summers i get to introduce all these things to my wee man!!!  It's such an exciting thought! He's going to experience his first swim, his first ice cream, watermelon, BBQ's, sand....sand stuck in his nappy, and being warm running around nuddy!!!  It's so exciting knowing that we get to experience these firsts with him, seeing his first reactions, seeing the things he'll grow to love and the things he wont!!!  Feeling pretty blessed right now folks!!!  Any way, hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend and watches the Rugby World Cup Final!! Come on ALL BLACKS!!! (And i don't even like rugby!!).

    Ps:  I'm being bloggy adventurous this weekend and linking up with my first blog hop, hosted by Young and Restless, and co hosted by A Young Wife's Tale!! Looking forward to meeting some new bloggy friends!! (And silently hoping i link up properly so i don't end up having a blog hop all by my onsie!!)

    young and restless

    Toodles!! :)

    Thursday, 20 October 2011

    Shredding my weighty issues!!

    This was me back in August, before i started to change my wicked food ways!!  The thing i hate most about these pics is not the weight (although i'm not a fan of it)  Its the defeated look on my face and the slump of my shoulders!!  Being unhealthy SUCKS!!!   The constant tiredness, the icky feeling after a big meal of Macca's, that general feeling of Meh!! 

     Today im feeling the burn!!  For the past 2 weeks (approx')  My very own Jillian Michaels (aka Loral) has taken my fitness to a whole other level!  The Biggest Loser workout dvd was introduced first, which resulted in 3 of us in sweaty fits of laughter and chatter, lying prone on the floor pretending that we were doing press ups!

    Then she busted out the big guns!! Introducing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred!! OMG!! It burns!!  It also works!lol!  Somewhere in the last couple of weeks, several cm's have disappeared from my hips!!  My HIPS people!!  The place i'v always had issues moving weight from!!  What's even better, is that my Jilli-Loral is also watching my intake, making sure im getting all the right stuff going in, in the right amounts for a breastfeeding mama!!  I feel very blessed to have someone constantly pushing me, and through the pain i feel very coddled!! Its fantastic!!

    So today im posting BEFORE pics, and in 30 days (unless my muscles freeze over and i cant type) il be posting some AFTER (hopefully fitter looking) pics!!  If im feeling amazing il also post some half way pics!!

    And just because i like seeing before and after photos side by side im going to do that too!  Then when i add some more i can line them all up and marvel at how different my body looks!!  So off i go to Shred some more!! Stay tuned as i update on my progress!!

    So the first lesson here, is stop wearing stripes!!lol!

    The 2nd lesson is that healthy eating and exercise is working!! (And get a haircut!!)

    Im looking forward to updating this status soon!!

    Toodles!! :)

    Wednesday, 19 October 2011

    The Paper Mama Photo Challenge - Colorful!

    This is my latest photo challenge entry - Colorful!  These are the little dish cloth balls that i found on Pinterest, they're going to be fabulous for some fun in the water in summer!!  I gave a couple to Lachy to see if he was interested, but he was in his Jolly Jumper and had no thoughts beyond jumping and drooling, and they just became foot decorations!!

      I love his chunky monkey legs!!  I love kissing his chunky lil' feet and making him giggle!!  Even his knees have wee dimples!!  Sigh,  My boys just so scrummy!  And i'm not biased at all!! :)

    Have a fantastic evening!! (Have a look at some of the other entries, their are some Gorgeous pics!!)

    Toodles! x

    Tuesday, 18 October 2011

    5 Months Old!

    My boy turned 5 Months old today!!  He's getting so HUGE (i think so anyway)!! We had our plunket visit yesterday, and he's keeping up in all the percentiles, in the 75th for most things! 
    So here are some fun facts (and a few that require work) about my 5 month old boy!!

    • He now has 2 mush feeds a day.  He's polishing off a quarter of a jar of food and then doing his best baby bird impression to try to get more! (but then he pukes, so we don't give in....most days)
    • Fitting '00' clothes and size 2 shoes!
    • Night sleeps are still varying greatly!  He can sleep 9 hours one night, then wake every 3 hours the next!  As a general rule though, he does one long stretch (about 6-7 hours) then one short (about 3-4 hours).
    • Daytime naps still just depend on who is more determined at the time!
    • For the last couple of weeks he's developed a foot fetish, and has mastered grabbing his feet and laughing hysterically!
    • Jumping is another fantastic new past time (Thanks Aunty Binka and Uncky Deane for the Jumper stand!!) I swear the kid could jump for hours if we let him!
    • He's rolled over twice from tummy to back, with hubby and me scrambling  for cameras to video, but the  Cheeky Bean refused to roll again by the time we got sorted and hasn't done since :(
    • Bath time is a bit more adventurous now, with a whole lot of kicking and wriggling going on!!
    • Night terrors are still occurring, we're investigating the pain angle, and silent (or not so silent) reflux is being looked at again!
    • He makes us smile and laugh every day with his gorgeous personality, his beautiful, screeching laugh and his scrummy, serious 'thinking' face!!!
      I wonder what the next month will bring?!  More terrifying exciting times with my beautiful boy no doubt, and another million photos too!  The poor kid probably thinks that the camera is a permanent attachment on his mama! (has anyone else noticed that i have an obsession with exclamation marks?!) 

    Anywho, here's a wee barrage of pics of my beautiful boy for everyone to oogle over on his 5 month birthday!!

    Ps: Just gave my blog a new do! Hope ya's like it, feedback is totally welcome!!!

    Toodles! :)