Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Breaking News - Garden update!!

THERE'S CATERPILLARS EATING MY BROCCOLI!!!   How dare they!!! I thought (naively) that slug and snail pellets fixed everything....It doesn't.  Stupid cabbage moths!!

My poor broccoli!

Some wee spiders have set up their spidy-cobs in there too!!

In happier news, i bought some spinach to plant in place of my failed spring onion crop!! I got to plant it today when Hubby got home to help amuse bubby, who it turned out was quite happy directing from his bumbo! 

My spinach!!

Director of gardening!!

A very Stern director! With a Gorgeous bottom lip!

My planted Spinaches!  They look a bit sad at the mo' but they'll perk up....i hope!

Totally posed picture!  Just to try and prove that i did it!

Tying my beans to the poles (ones already snapped, damn wind!)

The director is pleased with my work :)

He's also stuck in his bumbo!! Bahahaha!

Me and my Baby!!

 Did i mention that my corns are growing and my first tomato has appeared!!  Proud as punch i am!!  I cant wait to put the tomato in my salad with my lettuce! (Which is very tasty by the way!)

My wee Tomato!!!

My growing corns!!

In other news, my babies hair has fallen out all over the back of his head! (Its all on his bed sheet where he rubs it!)  In it's place is some fuzzy hair that looks nothing like the beautiful locks left on the top/front/and frontsides (that's totally a word, you know, its the very front bits around the ears!).  It's kinda cute but kinda sad, but whats sadder is that the long bits are getting stuck in his gammy eye (the one with the blocked lacrymal duct) (totally made that spelling up too!) (Im using a lot of brackets in this post).  Anywho, so now im going to have to trim the long bits and that thought makes me want to cry!!  I dont want my baby to have a haircut yet!! In my mind that makes him a grown up already!!

The long bits!!

Yes...he's eating the flannel!

It's looking more and more like Donald Trump every day, but infinitely more gorgeous!!

Did i mention (random i know!) story time has taken up residence in our home!!  I think i love it more than Lachy does but that's ok, he'll get used to it too!!  Gotta love Hairy Maclary!!

More interested in daddy with the camera!!

Scarface Claw catches his attention!

And here's a random family squishy photo, and  i mean squishy photo cause Lachy was in the front pack and got a wee bit mooshed!!

He was smiling on the inside i promise!!

Anywho, that's enough random news for my garden post! Im off to bed!!  Tomorrow is December people!!!  I need to find a christmas tree!!!


Monday, 28 November 2011

The Paper Mama photo challenge - Smiles!

I love this weeks challenge from The Paper Mama! Little kids smiles are just fantastic!!  (Id also love to see if anyone's captured their fur-baby smiling!!)

This week i'v tried to get a wee bit flasher and play with my Photoshop and Lightroom a bit more, while it's all still pretty basic, and i can see a few things that i probably shouldn't be able to see, i'm stoked because i felt a bit more adventurous with the whole process, and it was fun seeing the new things i could have a play with!!

So this is my poor kid is so tolerant of me dressing him up, it's Awesome!!

LOVE my little elfs smile!!

And then i practiced a bit more on a couple of other pic's!  Im improving slowly, but i think i lack hand-mouse co-ordination!!

Man i've got the most Gorgeous little elf!!!  Right, now it really is time for bed!!  Tally-ho everyone!! Sleep well!! :)


Lazy Sunday!

What a fantastic relaxing weekend!!  Hanging out with good friends and family, BBQ going, pool in use, it was just the perfect sunny weekend!  Sunday was especially great.  Just me, hubby and bubba hanging out, pottering in around the garden, swimming giving Lachy his first experience of a swimming pool, and just relaxing all day!  (As relaxing as a 6 month old can allow anyway!) (oh, and i politely made hubby mow the lawns...A mans gotta earn his swim you know!)

I had so much fun putting Lachy into his togs for the first time, and he was delighted enough to wee in them and show me just how nonabsorbent they really were!! (So fun was had all round!)

Toggy time!!  The nonabsorbent speedos...yes, i had my son in speedos... Sorry bout that!

 Then i coated him in sunscreen and put the next layer on!  On our tog hunt we found a little pack that had rash shirt and shorts and a hat!! Wins all round!!

He looks so stoked to be wearing his new togs huh!

In the background is his floaty seat and he's hanging on to his sharky towel! (It has a hood and a dorsal fin!!)

Starting to get excited bout the togs i think!!

Love his chubba legs!!

We took it slow getting in the pool and didn't stay in there for long.  Lachy was absolutely fascinated with the water to start with, drool was going Everywhere!!  (In case i haven't mentioned it before, for Lachy the excitement of an event is proportional to the amount of drool oozing from his mouth!) After letting him test the water with his feet, we just lowered him in a wee bit at a time until he started to look a bit worried.  We got as far as sitting him in his floaty seat before he decided that the game sucked, but then he was happy to just hang with me with his bum getting wet for a little bit!!

Testing the waters with daddy!!

Hmmm, this doesn't seem so bad...

Swimming with mummy...well, getting wet anyway!

Wet bum!!!

Dry and snuggly in the sharky towel!!

After our swim we dug into a bit of lunch, and Lachy got the benefits of a good friends advice!  When Glen was doing the cooking for our impromptu family BBQ i asked him to cook a wee piece for Lachy, the following picks are from our mini cave-man trying to consume his new fav' food!! (Good source of iron!!)

Omm nom nom..

Grrr, nom nom...

mmmm, nom nom

nom nom nom nom!!

Did i mention that the last 4 pics were taken on my new phone???  I have entered that know....the 'People with phones that take decent pictures' club!  Sigh, il ignore the fact that Hubby has to set everything up for me and just act like i know everything about android stuff!!

I also totally forgot to post about Breaking Dawn!!! How could i??  So here it is..... I LOVED IT!!  I know there's mixed reviews about it and i'v seen some unflattering comments about the acting and so on, but who cares!!  It was exactly what i was hoping for, and was even better because they made it more lighthearted in spots!! (Loved the honeymoon bits, it made Edward look like such a sweety!) And now we all have to wait a whole year till the next one :(

So anywho, i think it's nearly bed time, no wait, i'v got another wee post to do, but after that it's def' bedtime!!!  I hope everyone's weekends were as fantastic as mine!!

Toodles!! :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Paper Mama photo challenge - Family

I've fallen in love with the timer button on my camera!!  Because of this wee button, we now have several family photos!!  This ones my favorite because we're all smiling (looking at the camera isn't necessary for under 5's!)!

So this is my next entry into the Photo challenge! And probably the next pic to go up on the wall too i think!  Or at least in a frame somewhere for all the world to see! :)

Love my boys!!!  Anywho, it's bed time methinks!!!  

Toodles!! :)

How does my garden grow???

Very Very well thank you!!!  (Except for my spring onions...I have now disowned said spring onions...or what was left of them anyway!!!)

The weeds that i'm growing 'cause the spring onion didn't survive!

 Last night i made a chicken and vege tart with Silverbeet that i grew myself!!  I also ate a Strawberry from my strawberry plant!! It was delicious, thanks for asking! :)  The lettuce is finally blooming after i feared that it too would need to be disowned, and my beans and corns are starting to show their dainty wee selves!!!

The corn!!!  Little corny buds are hiding in the inny leafy bits (yup, made up my own technical terms)

Silverbeet! Yum, yum...that's a lie, but it was good in the Tart i made!!

Look at my lettuce go!!!


My Beans going rampant!!

My baby beans!!!

And what about my broccolli and tomatoes i hear ya ask??  Im waiting patiently....well, i'm waiting anyway!!  Both plants are growing beautifully however the broccoli is showing no signs of sprouting any heads, and the tomato plant has some pretty flowers but no tomatoes yet!!

One of my Broccoli!!

Tomatoes!!....Nearly...One day....hopefully soon!

I think instead of my weed collection i might attempt some spinach!!  Maybe!  So, moving onto Hubby's garden...Bahahaha!!!

The sad, sorry sight that is his garden!

Corn and Strawberries, having trouble viewing the strawberries?  That's cause they're tiny!!!

Baby Cherry tomatoes!!  The sad hilarious part here is that overnight the tomato plant seems to have died!!

I know, i know, i shouldn't make fun of his garden (until recently i couldn't even keep a cactus alive), but we had a wee competition going and it looks like i'm winning!!! (There is no prize for this competition, just pride)  So Yay!! It's strange though, because his broccoli and the pea plant closest to it, is blossoming beautifully, and is growing a lush green grass around it, and everything else (in the same garden) is dying!!
(Hubby's currently trying to convince me that his strawberries are alive, they're just not growing....uhuh)

The Sole Survivor!!

So that's my garden update!!  I'm so excited that i've actually managed to grow stuff!! It's fantastic!!  I shall continue to brag inform everyone of my gardens progress and hopefully i'l be able to post some pic's of the beginnings of some tomatoes and maybe a couple of heads of broccoli!!

Hope everyone's week is going great!!