Sunday, 30 December 2012

Olly's arrival...Finally :)

I'm afraid to say that this is going to be the most blurred and fuzzy birth story ever!  While i can still recall every part of Lachy's birth 19 months on, just 4 weeks after Olly's arrival and i'm having trouble remembering who was even delivering my baby!  Just kidding!!  Everything is pretty spacey in my head though, so if times don't quite add up i apologize!!

Where to start!!??

I got up on the 1st just after 6am, cause Hubby was starting work at 7 and i had to pee...again.  On the way to the bathroom i felt like i was 'leaking' and thought Stinka, i peed myself a bit!  That thought was quickly followed by a 'or did i??'  Since my waters broke completely with Lachy i was a bit clueless, and Hubby was no help either!  I wasn't having contractions or pains so we figured we'd just carry on and see if anything else happened.

Off Hubby went to work and into the kitchen i went to have a quiet cuppa while monkey was still sleeping.  I got stuck into the dishes around 7, stoked that Lachy had decided to sleep in.  I got him out of bed at 7.30 and started getting him breakfast.  It was sometime around now that i realized that i was having mild, niggly pains every 10 - 15 mins.  After some furious texting back and forth with Hubby, we decided that it was probably nothing, or if anything, only the beginning of pre/early labor.

After sending monkey into the lounge to watch cartoons i picked up with the dishes again (It was a HUGE pile) still texting about my little pains.  I also rang my sister and support buddy 'C' to let them know that things might happen in the next day or two!! (God must've been laughing at my sorry arse so hard at that moment!)  I eventually realized that every time i got a niggle i was stopping what i was doing, and clicked that it was hurting a bit more than i thought.

About 8.30am i sent a text to my friend ('L'), who i was meeting for brunch, to cancel our plans just in case (I didn't particularly want to be out and about if my waters broke!)  and accepted her offer to bring her swiss ball around to borrow.  I also text Hubby and asked him to call in his cover just in case!

This is where time gets really fuzzy for me!  L arrived with her swiss ball and asked if i'd contacted the midwife.  I hadn't because i still believed myself to be in early or even false labor.  Contractions were about 5 mins apart and only lasting about 20 secs, and they weren't feeling any worse (Can you say 'deluded'?!).  By 9.30ish, i know i had arranged for my brother in law to come and pick up Lachy (who was just a champ!!!) and told my sister to keep doing what she was doing and i'd be in touch, and i'd taken 'L's advice (finally!) and text my midwife to let her know things might be happening and that i'd keep her updated.  I also text 'C' to ask her to head around!

At this point i think, i shall thank God (again) that 'L' came around when she did and that she stayed with me, because by the time the midwife called at around 9.45 i couldn't speak through contractions (unless grunts and groans count of course) 'L' told the midwife that i needed to come in (to the birthing center) now, and after hearing a contraction my midwife agreed.  Somewhere in this time, 'L' also text my Hubby and 'C' with instructions to get to the center pronto!!

We jumped (bahahaha, or lumped) into 'L's car and off we went.  Somewhere in my mind i was aware of the urge to push, coupled with an awareness of the lady parked next to us at the lights with a completely horrified look on her face! I directed 'L' to the center where we were met by my Hubby, my close friend 'C' and the centers midwife, who took one look at me, loaded me backwards (there was no way in hell i was sitting down) onto a wheelchair and whisked me to the birth room!

I know i got into the pool as soon as we got to the center  (10am) and that my midwife arrived shortly after that. I remember her telling me that Bubby was just around a bend, i remember thinking that as bad as it felt, it was nothing like the pain i'd had with Lachy, i remember asking if i was actually in labor 'cause my waters still hadn't broken, i remember 'L' bringing me a jug of water and i remember 'C' saying she could see lotsa hair (the babies not mine!!)  I think at that point i realized that i was further along than i thought, and that this baby was on his way out right now!!!
I think someone called my sister and told her to get her arse to the center, because she arrived just after bubs head emerged, i think someone asked about pain relief, and i remember laughing about the (joking) offer of panadol, i think i either felt babies head or was shown in a mirror, and i know he had one (but maybe both) hands up by his head.

It only took 47 mins (established labor) for Olly to make his appearance, no pain relief, no tears or cuts, no hassles.

 Lachy was brought in to meet his little brother just after 11am, and then we walked to our room to relax and get acquainted with our little boy!!

 I feel totally lucky and blessed that i had such an amazing, speedy labor!! (I believe it's taken me longer to type this post out!lol!)

 And that's about that really!!

Hope i didn't bore anyone here!

*Just a couple of wee side notes for those who were wondering, the dishes were never finished, my sister came and did them later in the week, and i'm still wondering when my waters will break!!*

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

DIY Family Portrait!

This is what being broke, bored and jealous of 'Pinterest portraits' looks like with a little digital camera, timer and some sheets! (Everyone needs a family portrait!)

The Fails that i shall treasure forever!!

Lachy wanting to take the pick!!  He's faster than i thought!!
For the first time ever, riding the bike wasn't fun....

Trying to get a toddler to stay put for 10sec's..
Don't give them a bike...
Or a baby to hold...
Showing them raisins doesn't help either!

No kids were harmed in the making of these pics, i promise!

Raisin Break!!

'Just gunna pick him up for a bear hug/choke hold'

'Olly, you awake??'

'Hahaha, you are now!!'

The Final Results

An improvement of sorts!!

Please note, Lachy's laughing not screaming :)

The Lads :)

The mini-lads :)

My Fav!!

This is sooo Lachy!

And the bike became fun again...Finally!

Gotta love it!!  Next time i will be calling in the Professionals!lol

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Saturday, 29 December 2012

18/19 months old!! :)

Ok, so i totally missed the 18 month post, but it's ok, cause i can blend the two months....i'm good like that!
I actually don't know where to start this one!  Lachy's turning into such a little poo-bum boy, zipping around everywhere, climbing onto/into everything, yabbering, saying words, eating with utensils (and actually getting most of the meal in his mouth), throwing mild tantrums, destroying my tidy house, chatting on the phone to his grandparents and Aunty, and being a Fantastic big brother and mothers little helper!!

Cuddling with Olly :)

Truck, tractor, fire truck, up, car, brooommmm (you know, the car sound not the sweeper thing), ta (when he wants something bad enough) are his new words and he LOVES using them! A pro at making phone calls now! (Or at least talking then hanging up!) At night when i put him into his cot he likes to sing himself to sleep, or yell random words out!!  It's such a sweet sound!! (there's potential for an opera singer there i'm sure!!)

On the phone to Nanny!

He runs like there's no tomorrow!!  Sometimes on tiptoe, sometimes flat footed and sounding like a herd of elephants!  Races his bike around the house/yard!!  Spinning in circles, dancing, rolling on the floor or just standing in 'Salute to the Sun' position!  Bounces on his trampoline....and the couch and the armchairs and Olly's bouncer if he can get into it!!

My lil' show off!!

RAISINS.  'Nuff said.  Monkeys crazy about them!!!  And biscuits, and burger ring chips!!  Sushi has been sampled and rejected, but pretty much everything else goes in!! (Also LOVES unripe plums...go  figure)

Sushi.....maybe not!


Have i mentioned 'Hot Wheels' yet??  Cause i dare not forget those!!!  Lachy LOVES cars and trucks and actually, anything with wheels!!  He's also addicted to his Little People sets!  Between his birthday and Christmas (and an Aunty that spoils him) he has millions of the damn things awesome toys that he spreads everywhere!! (Including the bath with his fishing boat).  Forget stepping on Lego at night folks, the Little people are infinitely worse!!

Attacking daddy's remote car thing!

Big wheels!!

Bath time has become 'adventure' time for my wee lad, and he has, in the last month or so, started laying down in the water on his front and back, and putting his face in the water to blow bubbles!! He's so clever!!  The paddling pool, hose and sprinklers (Anything that produces water) are also a hit with monkey!!  Such a water baby!

Who knew the kitchen sink could be this much fun!!??

'Sprinklers - Amusing kids since the beginning of sprinkler time!'

*Somewhere in this post things like putting his finger up his nose and food in his ear deserve a mention.  As well as pinching and biting (still just me for the moment).  And the whining and grunting little 'I Want' sound that i think is here to stay for the duration of his toddler years.   (Probably also into his teen years too!!) He's also perfected 'The Frown' now, which will also follow him to his teen years i'm sure!  These things deserve a teensy mention, cause hey, it's all part and parcel, but for the most part my kid's just freakin' Awesome!!*

Yeah, do i need to add that there's usually food involved here too?!

'The Frown'

He does a million other things each day that just blow me away and make me remember that this little person is watching and listening to everything we say and do, and then imitating us (Scariest thought ever!!). And a million times a day i call to Hubby to come see some amazing new thing our oldest child is doing! (sometimes he's home, other times not....and then i call the goldfish, they think he's amazing too.)

No imitation here, just a curious kid, i promise!!

So yeah, that's all i can think of right now as my brain mainly just consists of mush now.  I'm quite pleased Lachy's books are so straight forward, otherwise i wouldn't be able to follow the story line!

Who can resist that face!!?

Anywho.  My kid ROCKS!!!  And that's that!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Instructions please!!

I was going to do a post about how much i LOVE my life right now, my completed little family, our gardens flourishing (with slugs), my BEAUTIFUL children, our awesome house and back yard, and did i mention my Amazing kids???
 Then something called reality gave me a kick in my sleep deprived head, and now my post shall be titled 'How the heck do i cope with 2 Children'!!  The first chapter shall be named 'What do i do with the baby to stop the toddler torturing him whilst i pee???' (True story folks, totally true) (and for the record, the toddler now gets to stand in the bathroom whilst his mummy pees and daddy's not home....good for potty training i'm sure!!)

I will say now that i NEVER thought it would be easy to have 2 (people with 3 + kids...your NUTS!!) but i'm encountering problems that i just never considered before!  Like, my toddler actually wants to hold the baby, and not just in a choke hold (Yes, he's done that too)  Every time his 'hold time' is over he panics and keeps grabbing at wee Olly!  And what do i do when they're both crying at the same time??  And how do i hang the washing out when i have a baby that doesn't appreciate 'alone time' as much as i do??  And why the heck do they insist on napping at different times dammit!!

Lachy's doing so much better than i anticipated!  He's warming up to Olly pretty quick, and Olly doesn't seem to mind having his eyes poked and his face smooshed as much as i thought he would, which is a real bonus!!
 In fact Olly is really placid, and is pretty happy just watching the long as someones holding him!

 And Lachy's pretty content with having a new baby long as he's still the center of attention!! (Such a toddler!)

Did i mention Hubbys still on leave too!lol!!  Come Monday (his back-to-work day) I will be totally alone...with 2 children....and a messy house....I'm terrified!!  I know, i know, it will all fall into place, and i have the most amazing friends and family that love helping out, but all i can think of is Monday morning, when i'm trying to feed a hungry baby and have a toddler bellowing from his cot to let me know he's awake and has a stinky bum (at a time when i'm most vulnerable cause i haven't had my cuppa!)!!!
My beloved gardens have taken a backseat, Pinterest has probably shutdown in my absence, and my crafties have become a non-event.  Come Monday, personal hygiene will possibly be overlooked in favor of keeping my kids alive and myself sane!!

Random pic to really showcase my beautiful Ollys jaundice! ;)

Anywho!  Life Rocks right now in spite of all these fears, and i love feeling complete, surrounded by my AMAZING boys!!  LOVE MY FAMILY!!!

Tips for survival can be left in the comments section or messaged to '' (JK)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Catching up!

'Light party Panda'  :)

So it's been a few weeks since my last post...I have reasons.. i do!  For the most part though its been sheer exhaustion and no motivation!  As well as toddler taming, growing huge, finishing work, and a very brief non urgent stay in hospital with a tummy bug for monkey and me!

And then yesterday i finally remember to get a bump pic only to be told i've run out of storage!!  It would appear i'm the only person out there that didn't know you had to have storage to put pics on your blog!!  Finally, tonight Hubby remedied the situation and i am ready to go!! (actually, i've already gone!)....(That made it sound like iv peed my pants or something but i meant that my post is up already!)

Anywho, I'm gunna go sort some pics and try to get my butt into gear, cause i have a gorgeous wee boy whose growing up too fast and needs to be shown off!!  Im also pretty damn proud of the garden too, so expect a bit of drivel on that one as well!

Il be back soon!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

38 weeks!! :)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Monday, 29 October 2012

Pinterest...Nailed it!! The Hubby edition!

I think i may have mentioned before what a legend my Hubby is....well here i am to mention it again!!  Not only has he allowed himself to be dragged into my only slightly addictive Pinteresting world, he has immersed himself in the culture of pinning, and has become a minion to the DIY Pins that i drool over!!

Hence why this post is 'The Hubby Edition'   So without further ado....

The Bedside Tables


 Our Version

Our Bedside Tables :)

 My instructions for this were pretty specific! I wanted a cupboard, but i also wanted a shelf, and i wanted it to match the headboard, and i wanted it to look rough and rustic, but still like an indoor piece of furniture, and it also needed to be Lachy proof, without annoying kiddy locks that this talented mummy can't open!  I think he Nailed It!!!  I LOVE MY TABLES!!

The Toy Boxes


 Our Version

Lachy's Toy box!!

 Love this Toy box! (The 2nd one is on the production line!)  It matches Lachys drawers perfectly and he just thinks it's awesome too....Sometimes he even puts his toys in it!!

The Edible Teepee


Our Version

 So you kinda have to use your imagination for this one at the mo, but i promise to post updates as the plants grow!  A friend of mine suggested this to me first, then i looked around Pinterest to see what else was around!  Because we already had beans planted we decided to give passion-fruit a go, and have planted 2 different types, one gold and one regular purple!  Because the Teepee is actually in garden space without grass, Hubby transplanted some moss to act as carpet for something a bit softer than dirt to sit on! (Lachy already makes a bee-line to it with his snacks!)

The Raised Garden

From NZ Gardener magazine

Our Version

Yup, he nailed it! And i got a compost bin to go with it!! Yuss!! (I had only just planted the veges, hence the sad looking crop, they are perking up though, i promise!!)  Grow my pretties, grow!!!

So that concludes my Hubby edition of Pinterest...Nailed it!!  I have a few goodies in the works so hopefully in the next couple of weeks i'l have more stuff to brag/laugh hysterically/cry about on here!!  And now im off to do a little Pinning before bed!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'