Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Beach Bubby!!

This post is basically just a photo dump from a FANTASTIC day in Whitianga with my mum!!  The sun was shining, the watermelon was flowing (Thanks mum!!) and the sea was warm!!  My Chunky-monkey was just mesmerised by the sand and the water!! (and possibly by my lilly-white legs!!)

Lachy got to have a play in the water with me and his Bubu!  He was a bit hesitant to start with, but he eventually looked like he was enjoying himself!!

Playing in the sand was just Awesome for bubba, and he even sampled some of its tastiness!! (Washing it out of his mouth proved a bit tricky, so lets just consider it an internal exfoliant?)

(Arent kids hats just the cutest!!  He also has one in blue stripes that has an elastic band for under the chin!!  They just serve to make my boy look like an even scrummier, tasty little treat!!)

Hubby and Quibbles (Not his real name, but still awesome!!)  sat under the sun 'brolly like little old men while us women folk taught the chubby-cheddar about the deep blue sea!! (Even though it's looking pretty green right now!)

After drying bubba off, i went for a swim while Lachy pee'd on his daddy :)
After another 'rinse' in the sea it was time to head home to mums for a snooze and some more watermelon before the big drive home!!

Just a Perfect day all round really!!  Looking forward to another weekend of journeys to meet up with family, which means everyone else can look forward to a whole lot more photos!!  Whoop whoop!!

Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow for an update on my wee garden!!

Toodles!! :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"

Sunday, 22 January 2012

8 Months old!!

Wow, I cant believe iv been off my blog for so long!!  I started out the month with awesome intentions of witty tails from my new job and my bonny wee lad, but then life/exhaustion/new computer happened and i Still havent even caught up on all my blog reads from the last couple of weeks!!  Anyway, enough whinging from me!!

My boy is 8 MONTHS OLD now!!  That's right! He's growing so fast!!!  So without further ramblings....

Whats new this month....

Food is FANTASTIC!!  Not a fan of mince in his food, but LOVES marmite sandwiches and banana/strawberry mash!!
#  Finger foods are the flavor of the month, and bubba prefers to feed himself!!
The sippy cup is still popular, but since Lachy's learnt how to blow bubbles not a lot of water is actually being consumed!!
#  We've also adapted to life with a bottle now!!

#  Bubbas on the move in all directions!! When he's in a hurry he just drags his body around with his arms, but when he's just cruising he makes a really cute effort at crawling!!
#  He rolls every way possible now, and change time is an absolute nightmare!!
Standing up with things and walking with mum and dad is just the best thing ever, he looks like a wee duck!!

We have a very chatty boy, with lots of different sounds (most involving copious amounts of spit) and expressions!!
Peek-a-boo is a favorite game now, and musical toys are (unfortunately) the ants pants!!
#  Sometimes he sleeps for 11 hours!!
#  Play time with friends is getting more fun, and bubba doesn't cry every time one of his wee friends does!!
#  Also becomming a bit of a camera-hog!!

Whats getting old this month...

Still no teeth!!  I know this isn't anything to worry about at his age, but its just so frustrating when i have a grumpy child with lumpy, tender gums!!
Hot nights that make sleep difficult for wee bubbas!
My own inconsistancy with crying it out!!  I'm having a VERY hard time sticking to it!!
#  Bubba making a bee-line for every power cord/appliance he sees!

Everytime i look at my boy he seems to have grown a bit more, and sometimes i panic a bit that im not home with him everyday to see everything he does, but then i see his little face light up when his Aunty picks him up and im happy that he's happy!!  He's had visits with his Bubu and Nanna and Poppa too, which was just awesome!!!   I Love that he gets to have pretty regular visits with them, and LOVES them to bits!!  Next weekend he gets to meet his Great Grandnana's too!!

So that's just a wee catch up of what my chubby cheddar boy is up too!!

Hope everyone has a Fantastic week!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a Life without Regret!"

Ps:  Love my Hubbys Saturday Slam for a chuckle!!!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Swapsies and Blog Love!!

Here's some more fantastic blogs to head out and stalk!!!  Some are old (not in age!), some are new....Some are Really new!!  All are Fantastic and just waiting to have your company, so go take a look at the lives and loves of these Amazing ladies!!

Amanda from The Z Tree

"Hi everyone! I'm Amanda from The Z Tree blog. I'm a 26 year old newlywed, married in October 2011. I blog about my journey into domestic bliss as I learn to be a wife to my new husband. I like to share recipes, photos, and also just talk general nonsense. We are also looking forward to adding on to our little family - hopefully soon! Please come and join our adventure. I hope to see you there. :)"

Miranda from Aimless Translation

"Hi I'm Miranda and I blog over at Aimless Translation.  I am a stay at home Mom and I live with my husband and my crazy but lovable toddler Mason in Wisconsin.  I love football, food, wine, and TV.  I blog about literally everything going on in my life.  Hope you stop by. :)"

Jess from Notes of Life and Love

"I'm Jessi, the writer behind Notes of Life & Love. Mama to two adorable boys and married to a tattooed rebel with a huge heart. I blog about my family, our adventures, photos I take, and things that I draw inspiration from :)"

Megan from It's A Momma Thing

 "Hi there! My name is Megan, and I blog over at It's A Momma Thing. I'm a 22 year-old stay at home momma to one handsome little man we call Kaden, and wife to my best friend, Ryan. My blog consists of our life as a young married couple, the hilarious moments of raising a 3 year old, and the things I find most beautiful in life."

Jessica from Dramaticmama

  " Jessica Dawn. 22 years old. Fiance to Calvin. Mama to Dustin. Addicted to my camera's, tweeting and coke slushie's. Dealing with depression. My blog is personal opinions and experiences, plus a whole lot of pictures and potty mouth. :)"

Kristi from Ellaphant Shoe 

 "Hi all. I'm Kristi from Alberta, Canada. I'm a new momma to 4 month old Ella. I recently graduated from University with my Bachelor of Elementary Education specializing in Educational Psychology but I'm not sure I want to teach. Currently I am obsessed with my camera, Liz Lemon and taming my little rockstar's wild hair. My blog, Ellaphant Shoe, is fairly random but so am I. I've recently started a Project 365 so I'll be updating that regularly and I'm planning on adding all the information about the 101 in 1001 List I've been working on for over a year now. Fun Fact #1: If you mouth the name of my blog it looks like you're saying "I love you." Fun Fact #2: I want to name our second child Olive or Oliver so that I can add "Olive Juice" to the title of the blog but my husband hates both those names so I guess that option is out..."

Kasey from Domesticated Hygienist

"My blog is my place to talk about whatever random thought is going through my mind. My favorite topic is my miniature dachshund, Sophie, who is our baby! I post random pictures, participate in 1-2 link ups/week, and do the occasional vlog."

Heather from A Young Wifes Tale

 "I'm currently living in the UK after living in hawaii for 3 years, but really Im a southern girl at heart. I love cooking, crafting, travelling, being a mommy, and all things green and crunchy-- those are the things you can find on my blog. The star of the show; however, is my daughter Milo. She is adorable and her smile is infectious. Pop on over and read about our latest adventure, my favorite new recipe, or check out the crazy things my daughter does."

Kodi from Leaving My Mark

 "Hi, I'm Kodi and I want to tell you about my life over at Leaving my Mark. My blog is exactly what my name says, I'm just leaving my mark somewhere everyday. I love tattoos, Pinterest, doggies, (especially mine), and babies. I'm a recent high school graduate, so you'll get to experience my new life from the beginning! Hope to see you soon:)

See i told you!!  So go check these fantastic ladies out and keep the blog-love going!!!

Toodles :)

"Live for a life without Regret"

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Smart Cookies!!

So this is a fairly short, random post, but i read something yesterday that reminded me of my Favorite quote from Eleanor Roosevelt 

"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission"

Isnt it Fantastic!!!  This is one SMART lady!!! 

Thank you.  That is all.

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a life without Regret"

Monday, 9 January 2012

Back in the Habit....Or scrubs!

"Look at me!  Dont i look pretty!" my ah...scrubs!

 That's right! Scrubs are hot!!....*coughmaybenotcough* (These are actually my old scrubs anyway!!)
Today i went back to work!!  Excited Much!!!  I was a bumbling wreck wee bit nervous about whether or not i remembered anything ("whats that....a thermometer.....oh")!
So after smothering my baby in smooches and telling him to be good for Aunty Binka and cousin Thaila i stumbled my way to the ward boldly strode in all pistons firing !! (I may or may not have gotten a teensy bit lost).

I have to say....I have never felt so welcomed into a workplace!!  (Don't get me wrong, i'v worked in some pretty Awesome places...Southland, i'm looking at you! :) )
I was given a CARD welcoming me to the ward!!  And my boss had CAKE PEOPLE!!!  Nothing says 'Welcome' quite like cake and a card!!  And everyone was so Lovely and Friendly!!!

So this post was really just to brag that i have the Best Job Ever!!!  And that i missed my baby boy but it was ok (I looked at my phone pics!!)!!  And he had a fabulous time with his Aunty!!

Yup, i'm feeling pretty Blessed right now!!

And now it's bedtime!!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a life without Regret"

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Had to Share this!!!

A good friend shared this on my fb page!!  It's from Team Studer, and is called 25 Rules for Mothers of Sons!!  It's amazing!!  This woman understands what wee boys need!!

Also this post 'Invisible Mothers' from Deanna at Delirious Rhapsody was just a tad Hugely moving!!!

Aaaaannnnd i wanted to share these crafty things that i made too!!!

Toy Storage!!

Source  My good friend Loral pinned these crafty wee storage containers!!!

And i just randomly tried to pretty some boxes to store all of Lachys nappy stuffs in!!  They're a bit rough but they'll do until i get more crafty!!

So yup!! This is what i do with my spare time, and this is why my house is a TIP!!!
Never mind, this weekend is the Spring/Summer clean before i start work!! (So nervous/Excited for Monday!!)  I'v got sooo much stuff to tidy and store away, but never fear!!....As my sister just said...'I have a plan so cunning, you could pin a tail on it and call it a donkey!'  Wait, what??!! Lol!! *Lovemyfamily*

Oh i nearly forgot!!  Restless Blog Hop!!....So i may just have a wee teensy bit of time blogging....just a little....

young and restless

Right!  I'm off to start doing....Stuff!!

Toodles!! :)

"Live for a life without Regret"

Friday, 6 January 2012

How to fix a bad day!!

You know those days that just refuse to end?  Well, all in all this day wasn't too hideous, but it really tried me, and as i tripped over a poopy nappy in my rush to clean up the strawberry/muesli spew chunks off the floor, with a sick, squealing baby on my hip, i was really ready for the day to come to a close!!  After an hour of attempts and fails of getting said unwell baby to sleep (with empty stomachs all round), i sat down and just made a funny noise that couldve been a sob/sigh/who-knows-what!!  It's 9.30, i haven't had dinner, there's dishes/washing/toys/spew EVERYWHERE, and really it's too hot to want to even attempt to sleep!! (Quick someone play me a sad violin tune!!)

So to cheer myself up i found the following!!  Cause even at the end of the crappiest day God blessed me with this chubby little miracle that's just so stinkin' scrumptious, that he makes Everything better!!!  (While your looking at these im-a go scrape the pumpkin off the carpet)

Ps:  To those with more than 1 kid i have 1 thing to say.  I salute your craziness!!!


'Im just hanging out...not being a mischief-monkey at all'

'Oh....what's this...'

'Il just borrow this...Nyoink!'

'You see'd nufing!'

'aaaah, my hidden stash of pretties'

'I *heart* Food!'

'If i can feed myself, that is!'

'What's this mum??'

'What's a bath??'

'Wait, whaddya mean 'clean me'??'

'Lemme outta here!!'

This is what happens when you try to hide the telly....*mychildsnotaddictedatall*

'Bula my Bubu!!'

Hope everyone's having fun tonight!!  Roll on Saturday!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a life without Regret"