Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What a 'Pinteresting' thought!!

How on earth have i gone so long without doing a Pinterest post!???  I dont know, 'cause honestly, a large part of my day is made up with the damn site!!!  So here are a few of my Favorite pinteresting thoughts and inspirations for all to see!!

Bahahahaha!!  Makes me feel a bit better!

Cant wait for winter and These boots!!! (Please Hubby darling!!)

Sigh, even if i could afford these, i cant afford the medical bill from snapping my ankles!

I almost wish i had to provide a sample, just so i could do this!!! (almost)

Love this kid!!

So True!!!

Love these!!!  Wish i had the patience to do my nails!!

Love this laxed outfit for winter!!!


So there ya go!!  Im a bit curious about when i became so interested in clothing though!....I secretly blame pinterest!!  Hope everyones week is going Awesome!!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Photo Challenge!

So i haven't entered one of these for a wee while!!  Somewhere between work and life i got a wee bit side tracked!!  But I'm back and ready to find more photo challenges to try and develop some more camera skills!!  My poor camera may go into shock!!

Love this monkey!!

So find this pic over at The Paper Mama's photo challenge Black n White!!

Toodles!! :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"

PS:  Check out my new Header!!  Iv got one talented Hubby!!

Friday, 24 February 2012

'Its the Final do do dooo"

In exactly 9 days, i will be completing my first half marathon!!!
(cue shocked laughter and general hilarity)

Hows training going i hear you ask?!..... Oh, you know,   it's going!!  Like slowly! The longest distance iv run to date is 11km!lol  I was intending to do a weekly blog post about training so that i felt like i had some accountability thing happening....Hands up who saw those posts!!  Yeah, i didn't either!

Anywho, i have been doing at least 3 runs each week, so while i wont be motoring around the off road course, i shouldn't die after 1km!  In fact, i know i can run 10km of it so that's a bonus!  Even if i have to crawl walk the last 11 i'l still be happy!  The main thing is finishing it and setting a time to annihilate at the next half!!

Me after a 'Run'!!  Feel the fitness just oozing of me!!

Running has been an interesting companion for me!  Somewhere between my knees, hips, feet and boobs cursing me through every single km, i'v developed a love for it!  Hitting my stride and suddenly sync i guess you could say, is the most amazing feeling!! 

Since becoming such a running guru *coughlaughsplutter*  I decided more appropriate attire was necessary, and dragged the hubby off shopping!!  I'm now the proud owner of these pants and this running singlet!! They were kinda pricey, but it's been a chafe free/ride up free experience ever since!!

The Appropriate Attire!

Something that worries me about this half, is that it's off-road!  It's a mountain bike trail that has a lot of pretty hard core hills (Iv heard from a reliable source!) and gravel track!  Now while in my positive moments i see myself as Bella (What do u mean "whose Bella?").  You know, that scene where Alice is seeing her as a vampire, and she's gracefully running through the forest with Edward close behind, hair shifting in the wind, skin glowing not even looking short of breath?? (Not hard i spose, given the fact that she doesn't actually breath!!)

Me on a good day!

This is what i see myself looking like as i race around the 10.55km track twice!!  Probably wont be wearing a dress but that's besides the point!! 

On bad days i see gravel grazes, pine needles in my shoes and me struggling to breathe as i drag my sorry arse up a hill!!  I'm also quite concerned about my ability to stay hydrated and not need the toilet half way around, i don't know how comfy Depends would be for 21km!!

Me on a bad day!

Things still to do in preparation...

#  Compile a play list of amped up music to get me through hopefully, 3 and a bit hours of running!
#  Find an energy gel to boost me halfway through! (i don't seem capable of going 21km without needing sustenance halfway round!)
#  Dry my shoes out (running in thunderstorms is fun!!)
#  Collect my singlet!!  Running for Insynergy!!
#  Find out where the heck the run actually is!!!!

Wish me luck guys!!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

9 Months old!!

I have a 9 month old....yep...9 months!! He's gone from my little baby to my little cheeky mischief maker!! 9 months old means iv got 3 months to plan his first birthday party!! (I hope Hubbys prepared for that one, cause im totally going overboard!!)

So what's new for my wee man this month??  Well, Let me tell you!!

#   Monkey bum still has the best appetitie, and new foods are hilarious!!  We trialed him with spaghetti, and i was surprized to find he wasn't too interested, except to play!
#  3 bottles a day now, although he rarely finishes them!
Loves drinking out of big people cups, but hasn't figured out how to control the tilt, so still a few issues to work through there!!

#  Well there's no stopping chubby bum now!!  He crawls EVERYWHERE!!  When he see's something he wants his speed is incredible!!
#  Pulling up on everything he shouldn't be is his new fav' game!!
#  Monkey has stood unassisted 3 x in the last couple of days!!  As in he'l be standing hanging on to me, then he lets go for a few seconds before he looks shocked and sits down!!  (Is it wrong that i wanted to push him over?? Just to make him slow down a bit!!)
#  We don't just walk places with mum and dad we run!! an injured duck really!

#  Lachys so vocal!!  And tonight he said "mum mum" for the very first time!!  I'm so stoked!!  "Dadadad is still the fav' sound but that's ok!
#  Musical toys are all the rage, followed closely by blowing raspberries and dribbling on everything!!
#  The 'big red car' is still one of his fav'things!!  He actually crawls to it and then pats it until i put him in it and take him for a spin!!  He's so hard case, hands on the wheel, serious expression on his face!!

Whats getting old this month...

#  STILL NO TEETH!!!  I have a frequently grizzly child that rubs his bumpy gums on everything in site, hits his gums with his hand, drools gallons (slight exageration)  every day, and refuses food when they'r especially bothersome! 
#  Sleep is still a fighting battle, mostly my fault for being inconsistant, but also teeth and the heat!!
#  Discipline is not very successful!  If he bubby does something he shouldnt (like trying to climb the bookshelf)  i say "uh uh, NO".  Bubba gives me the biggest most beautiful smile then keeps going while i sit there chuckling at his Awesomness!!

Extra bits...

#  First ride in the backpack with daddy!!
#  A first visit with Great Grand Nana Ma!!  They hit it off instantly and Nana Ma became the best snooze spot ever!!
#  Bath time is lots of fun with a whole lot of splashing!!
Photo dump time!!!

So basically, my monkey bum just keeps getting more and more Gorgeous and Lovable and Sweet, and his mummy and dada just fall in love with him more each day!! 

How can you resist this face??!!

Toodles!! :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

'Rise' and fall of the running shorts!!

Funny, when i type 'Puck' into google it comes up with lots of ice hockey images and, strangely, a whole lot of pics of some guy from a happy musical programme!!

What im looking for, however, is a solution to a problem that has plagued man-kind since the dawn of time!!...Well, its plagued me since i started running a few months ago anyway!!  My shorts ride!!  Regardless of what i start out wearing, by the time my run/workout is over im the proud manikin to some very short bloomers!!  What the Heck!!??

Iv tried long shorts and short shorts and lite weight shorts and heavy shorts and baggy shorts and tight shorts and NOTHING stays put!!!  "Why God, Whhhyyyy??"

Is it the size of my thighs??  Cause i've seen both larger and smaller thighs wearing the same makeshift bloomers that i myself have been subjected to!  Is it the shape of my thighs??  Or my butt even??  My waist?? The shorts fabric?? Length??  Too hot, too cold?? Honestly, it wouldnt surprise me to discover that it was in fact my eyebrows that make my shorts migrate north with every step!!

Tonight i thought Stuff it!!  I'm gunna find a solution!!  Well, be careful what you type into your search engines folks!!!  Or at least carefully consider how you phrase things, cause typing in "How to fix up-stucks"  didn't produce the wholesome, helpful images i was hoping for!!  When i finally did find the right search words...well!!  You want me to put hairspray where???

Running Skirt anyone??

 So after seeing answers about different fabrics, different lengths, (someone suggested running in undies??) and a few other solutions that didn't appear to have any relevance at all, iv decided to have a go with stitching a stiffer material into the in-seam of my latest bloomers shorts!!  Has anyone else tried this??  I mean, im not the only person whose shorts do a disappearing act the 2nd they move!!....I'm not, right??

So anyway, i really hope this works, cause if it doesn't i shall have to resort to 3/4 length tights! (The only things that stay put!)  I love them, but sometimes the weather just calls for shorts!! ....That, and i refuse to be defeated by a pair of wayward shorts!!   So stay tuned for my success/failure post, and if anyone out there has some solutions please let me know!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a life without Regret"

Monday, 6 February 2012

"Funny face, I love you..."

This morning after his breakfast, my chunky monkey decided to show off the range of faces that he's learning to pull!!  He's trying very hard to wrinkle his nose and give toothy grins (minus the teeth)!!!

Sucking in the lips is still one of his fav' hobbies!

Cheeky monkey smile!

Please note, he's not crying in the bottom right photo, that's one of his faces!

Love his Face!!!

He's so Scrummy!!!  I love that he pulls faces now!!  And waves hello and bye-bye too!!   Sigh, i'm off to go and fish him out of the laundry basket to play some more now!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Garden of DOOOOM!!

  Forenote:  Please ignore the random ramblings that may appear in this post, sleep hasn't really happened much lately!!

Yup, that's right.  My garden sucks big hairy meatballs!!! My green-fingers have turned a puke-brown/yellow color and so have half of my plants!!

Where did i go wrong!?  Was there not enough love??  Too much perhaps??  Or was it all thanks to a wonderfully tropical weather pattern that's enveloped our sweltering land!!??  (Thanks La NiƱa!!)  Either way, my garden is about 80% dead....(Please excuse me a moment, Hubby strangely thinks im interested in talking techy stuff.....right!)...and there is absolutely nothing i can do to fix my vegebals!! 

Lets start with exhibit A - Sweetcorn

The cobs stopped growing when they were about 10 cms long, then started to rot!  I couldve picked them early but i chose to hold out and hope for a sudden miraculous healing for the poor cobs....God obviously didnt want me eating corn this season.  At least it provided a home to a nation of teeny spiders!

Then it was my broccollii taking a turn for the worst!! (Possibly because i never figured out how to spell Broccooli?)  

Flowers, flowers everywhere, and not a Broc' to eat!! (Hehe, I think im funny!)  I was so proud of my Brocolli heads until they started to look more pretty, than edible!!  (Also home to teeny spiders!)

For some reason my Silverbeet escaped the papparazi, but it's doing well anyway!!

This is my lettuce....

But wait, i hear you ask, isn't that a strawberry??  Why yes, yes it is!!  IT ATE MY LETTUCE!!  ...What actually happened is that my lettuce sprouted multiple heads and stopped producing tasty leaves so i had to evict it from its prime planter box spot!!
(Im not even going to ask Hubby why he's sniffing his wait, i am going to ask.....hmmmm, apparantly he's not sniffing his computer...he's just trying to 'feel' where the heat is coming from...with his nose...! Uhuh)
Strawberries!! Yay!!  Aside from eating my lettuce my strawberries have been busy sprouting runners left, right and center and trying to dominate the planter box!!

Since the strawberries are so delicious i shall let the plant roam free!!

My bean plant has been playing a few mind games with me since it's first batch of beans were picked!!  After being taken out by a marauding strawberry plant, it made a wee come back and got leafy again.  Unfortunately the beans themselves didn't do so well.

Yep, that last pic is a bean.  A rather dead bean!  But just when i thought all was lost, i spied two big juicy beans on the plant!!  (Hubby ate said beans before i could get a photo!)

What's next.....Oh i know!!! My wee herb garden!  

My Mint is half dead (i might add that its actually growing wild at the front of the house, it's only my garden mint that's died), my Thyme grew pretty flowers and i cant even begin to tell you where my Parsely went!!

And now for the grand Finale!! 

My Tomato plant!!!  
Weak from bearing the weight of big juicy tomato's, my poor tomato plant has tragically been taken by a wicked fungal infection that i have heard reffered to as 'The Blight' (Dun dun duuuun!!)

Who knew plants could get fungal infections!

Oh, my spinach is also going well, but i didn't get a pic of that either!  On a funny little side note, Hubby's broccolli is doing really well!!

Possibly because it's actually A CABBAGE and doesn't really care how we spell Broocolli!!  

So that's my Garden of Doooom for ya's!!  (I will accept sympathy in the form of wine and choccy's!)  I hope everyone else is having more luck with their gardens!!  Stay tuned for a re-plant edition coming soon!! 

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"