Friday, 23 March 2012

10 Months Old!!

Gah!!  I say this every time i know, but come on!!  10 Months ALREADY???  Where does the time go???  I'm sure just last week i was holding a brand new, squidgy wee monkey-bum in my arms wondering what the heck i was sposed to do with him!!  Now i have a wee giant of a squidgy bum...and to be honest i Still don't know what to do with him sometimes!!

So whats new this month...

#  While Lachys eating hasn't really changed, im pleased to report that most of the food i give him actually gets eaten now!!
#  Iv been slowly introducing dairy and treats giving him yogurt and biscuits to munch on, and he LOVES them with a passion (duh)!!  Ginger nuts are especially good, and have the added bonus of doubling as a teething rusk!
#  Encouraging water consumption is interesting and results in lotsa wet patches on the carpet! He still has 3 bottles a day too, but actually finishes the morning and night ones!!

#  Monkey LOVES crawling around, but he's discovered 'furniture' walking too and seems to resort to this when he's not in a hurry!!
#  He's been standing up unassisted quite a bit now, but plops back down after a few seconds with a shocked look on his face!!
#  Climbing....for some reason it never entered my feeble mind that he might start to climb things, so i was a wickedly a bit surprised when i turned around and found him up on the fire place ledge!! Thank goodness it's not 'fire' weather yet!!  (Fire guard is being installed very soon!)

# We have a TOOTH!!!  Just one (i thought there was gunna be 2!) but i don't think the rest will be far away!!  It's a sharp wee toof, and he still insists on chewing my fingers!!  :(
#  Since that first tooth came through, my boy has been sleeping through the night!!!  That's right!!!  He sleeps at least 10 hours now overnight!!  Whoop whoop!!
#  I have a very social child now it would seem!!  He Loves hanging with other babies (but can be a bit rough sometimes!) and is really good with people he doesn't really know!

What's getting old....

#  Day sleeps!!  I give up!!  he's def' better than what he was, but i still only get 2 x 1 hour sleeps out of him a day (a good day)!  Oh well though, could be worse!!
#  Figuring out what to dress him in at night!!  I'm such a worrier, i worry that he'l overheat, or freeze, sometimes both in one night!!  (You know, he might sweat, then the sweat might cool/freeze...)

So that's where the nappy liner roll went!!


#  Lachy LOVES saying mum-mum-mum-mum now!!
#  If we tell him 'No', he looks at us, shakes his head back then keeps going!!(It's soooo Cute!!  I have to hide my mouth so he doesn't see my smiling!!)
#  Birthday planning has commenced!!!  Mickey Mouse Club House here we come!!  ...kinda....on a budget!

Photo Dump!!!

Sigh, Just LOVE this kid to pieces!!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The many faces of Me!!

Is it just me, or do we all spend a good deal of time looking for that perfect photo of ourselves to post on our blogs/fb/where ever!?  I dont know how many times i'v had mini one-man-photo-shoots (you know the ones, camera high, look up, slight smile) only to collapse in a sobbing ball of mess at the crap pics that i end up with, and not one of them good enough to put on my blog!!!! (Cue violin music and a fresh flood of tears!)  
I even force Hubby to get in on the deal!  It goes kinda like this....

Me:  Pleeeeease, i NEED some nice photo's of me for my blog!!  There's like, none!!
Hubby:  You don't Like the photos i take of you...
Me:  That's just cause you always get me in a bad mood!
Hubby: ......
Me:  Pleeeeease, just a few!!!
Hubby:  Ok, where you want them?
Me:  I dont
Hubby:  Ok, Smile :)
Me:  Well i cant just smile on cue you know!!
Hubby:  ......(camera clicks away)
Me:  Never mind, i'm not in the mood to smile now (*angryface*)

Today, after a search for the perfect "About Me" pic for my blog, and a repeat of the above conversation with Hubby i thought Stuff It!!!  The angles are all wrong,  half aren't my 'Good' side (Do i Have a good side??), and to be honest, i just couldnt bring myself to be serious!!  I pulled faces, and discovered that i dont even have a very good array of funny faces to pull (sigh, no duckface).  Below are the best of the best, untouched photos from our mini photo shoot!!

* There is some photo shopping but only to crop the pics!!

(Yes i do realise i put the same photo i said, i dont even have a large array of silly faces!)

After having fun with these i thought, Hey, we actually got a couple of alright pics!  Lets have a play with photo shop and see if i can make myself look like Miranda Kerr.....So nope, i couldnt, but i had a good play and prettied myself up a wee bit!!

Isn't it Fantastic!!  Wrinkles and Pimples erased!!  Teeth whitened!!  Skin tone evened out!!  Lips colored prettily!!

I gotta say, i cant decide whether photoshopping these pics was Fun or Soul Destroying!!  I felt a wee bit of both as i smoothed away my wrinkles and 'bleached' my teeth!!  I think the end results looked neat (odd, but neat!) but at the same time i know that it's only a pic' and the reality of me is in fact wrinkles and colorful teeth!!  No wonder models have so many issues!  Look how much they get photoshopped every single day!!!  

So i guess the moral of this story is.... i have no idea!  Maybe not to expect too many photoshopped photos of me?? Cause these 3 pics took freakin ages and i just dont have the patience!!  Or maybe it's that, perfect pic or not, photoshopped or not, we are all beautiful, just 'cause that's how God created us!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Friday, 16 March 2012


Can anyone who happens to be reading this tell me what the heck is going on???  I cant access Links to other peoples blogs, my fav' blogs are disappearing off my blog role, followers are disappearing and i cant see Link-up parties that i'v already joined!!!  I dont get it!!??  Is this a GFC thing??  Anyone out there know how to fix it cause i'm completely clueless!!

Thanks in advance!!

Memories as a new nurse!!

Tonight i'm linking up with Renee and Anna for Memories As A New Nurse!! 

 I gotta tell ya, when i first saw that Linky my mind just Exploded with memories!!  Since then, i've been debating which stories to pull from my partially fried brain!! I decided that, since thinking in short sentences is best at this time of night, that i'd give wee snippets of memories!!

So here goes....

#  Trying to be all cool and professional whilst feeding a patient their mooli (pureed) dinner....Feeling quite successful as she hadn't been eating a lot...perhaps showing off a wee bit for the builder working outside the window...Patient sneezing and coating my face/shirt with the very large, very orange mouthful of pumpkin id just given her....Builder falling over laughing at me!!

#  Hearing the sweetest sounding giggle, then realising it came from the very large, tattooed man sitting next to me....and i couldn't hear who was making him laugh....(Psych rotation)

#  Learning the true meaning of a 'Code Brown' the hard way (Dementia unit)..... And finding all the different places a person can hide their business....

#  Seeing my patient stroll into the 'lounge' completely starkers with his soiled incontinence pad under his arm (kinda like a newspaper really) and having to follow the trail of leakage to find where his clothes were!

Watching one of my 'peers' showing off her skills, then popping a rectal thermometer in her mouth!!

Fainting on my first day...And not a dainty swoon type faint, I stepped out of the patients room (halfway through cleaning a pressure ulcer) my vision disappeared, i staggered across the hallway and headbutted the kitchen door before sprawling across the floor in front of patients/staff/visitors!!  All class i tell ya!!

#  Staring blankly at the patients saying 'Excuse me, Nurse?' before realising that they were talking to me....and that i was in fact a nurse!!

Inserting my first Cannula!!!  It looked like a seen from 'Hostel', but it was in and flushing!! :)

#  Being terrified by the stories from my new work mates about the 'strange' things that happen during the night shifts in our super old building!!  (The elevators often went from the basement level to our ward during the night, always empty...)

But Seriously....

I love that i get to do my dream job, and i love that every day i'm there, i have the opportunity to make a difference to someones day/week/month, and sometimes even life!!  I've been truly blessed with my profession (and my strong stomach!) and i hope i never take the skills i'm still learning for granted!!

I also hope that my sense of humor never dulls when the pooh (literally) hits the fan!!

Thanks Renee and Anna for such an awesome Link up!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Finagle a Foto Challenge #4

Photo Challenge time!!  This time i entered the 'Finagle a Foto Challenge' from over at Happy Jax blog!!  This weeks theme is 'Scavenger Hunt' and i gotta tell ya, i had FUN!!  With help from Hubby (instructions on camera use), i tracked down all the focus points and went nuts!!  :)

1#  Blue

Monkey bum looking gorgeous in blue!! (And chewing on EVERYTHING with his new tooth!!)

2#  Light

The sun setting out our kitchen window....yeah, need to clean those!!  (Love trying to play with Light!!)

3#  Smell the Roses

Hubby taking time to 'smell the roses' with monkey bum!!  Love watching my boys play!!

4#  Shadows

I felt pretty sneaky stalking some shadows!!  The blinds in the spare room cast some pretty neat shadows!!

5#  Time

Love my work watch!!  There's only so many ways to flash up scrubs, so i love the wee ray of light this smiley-face watch brings!!  (And it was only $10!!)

So there ya go!!  Go check out the other Scavenger Hunt entries or join in the fun!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life Without Regret'

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Danger!! Under Construction!!

Yup, my blog is Finally under construction!!  I know i changed the header recently, but it doesn't feel right!!  So for the next few days weeks il be rearranging and changing and having fun finding a design that fits!! Thanks for hanging in there!!

Construction Crew

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I Runned Far.....

Has anyone ever died from chaffing, or will i be the first?? Running 21km Did not do my skin any favors...Whats that? Oh yes, the 21km i ran the other day, you know, THE HALF MARATHON I RAN!!!!!!


We turned up to Rotorua scared witless, almost to the point of incontinence!!(Almost) We got there about 20 mins before my start, which was enough time for me to grab my pack then stand in the porta-loo line attaching all necessary items to my singlet/shoe!! Chugged back a gel (Tropical flavor my butt!!) and headed for the start!!

LOVE my singlet!!!
 The run itself was half forest track, half road with a bit of mud, gravel and lifted tree roots thrown in for good measure!!  The first 10km i ran at a faster pace than expected (?adrenaline/gel/aliens beaming me along) and i completed the first half in 1 hour 10 mins.  Then i hit 12km and with it a 'wall' of sorts!  My pace slowed down and my legs said 'ok, that's enough for today!'.

Starting out! Never seen myself from that view before....
The last 5km were pretty damn hard!!  I stumbled on visible and imaginary things, walked for about 100 meters on 4 separate occasions, and generally just started devising ways of injuring myself so that i could stop!!  And then just passed the 20km mark i got CRAMP!!!  Wow!! Iv never had a calf cramp whilst moving!! My forward motion was reduced to a shuffle as i watched the guy in front of me pitch forward holding his own calf!!  It was pretty freakin horrible i tell ya!!  Fortunately, iv seen 'Run, Fatboy Run' and i said to myself  'If Dennis Doyle from downstairs can do it, So can i!!'  and with that i put on my Big Girl Rundies and stumbled sped to the finish!!

A couple of meters from the finish!!!
 was my official time for the event!  It's a time i am Super Happy with, and it means i completed the 2 goals i set!  1 - To finish the run  2 - To achieve a sub 3  (i feel fancy saying that!!  I really do!!)

Did i enjoy it?  Most of it!  (Not when i tried to open my 2nd gel and spilt it all over myself)  Will i do anything different?  Yep, my training runs need to extend and get more varied!  Will i do it again?  Hells Yes il do it April, hopefully.....Crazy Much???

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Ps:  Thanks for all the lovely advice/supportive comments you awesome folks have given me!!!
And thanks InSynergy!!! Our team ROCKS!!!

5 Things Im Lovin' right now!!

Im linking up with Maegan at Chesterrific this month for the 5 Things im Lovin' Right Now!!  These weren't hard to pick at all!!

1#  The Big Red Car!!

This is Lachys pride and joy!!  It's been handed down the ranks and still runs like a good car should!!lol!  Lachy can be in the foulest mood ever til i put in him in his car, then he puts his driving face (this is the cutest intense expression ever!) on, grabs the wheel and is ready for anything!!  We've even started taking that with us shopping instead of the push chair because he'l just sit in it for ages and not get grumpy!!

2#  Tupperware sandwich box!!

This thing is AMAZING!  Since passing my tomato sandwich test with flying colors (as in my tomato sandwich wasnt remotely soggy at lunch time)(even without gladwrap!!) we've become BFF's (yes i know what that means now!) and i take one of these babies with me EVERYWHERE!!

3#  My Running Bare dri-fit 1/2's!!

After pretending to be an amazing athlete i decided to try and look the part and purchased these pants!!  This might not make sense to everyone, but with my height these are the perfect '3/4 length tights!!  And they're super comfy and keep me nice and dry! (that kinda sounds like i pee my pants when i run....for the record, i dont!)  

4#  The Hunger Games Series!!

Im halfway through the 3rd book , Mockingjay, and im SUPER excited for the movie in 20 days!!!  It's (i cant believe im saying this) almost rivaling The Twilight Saga!!!

5#  Lachy's Bonjela!!

Honestly would've lost my marbles by now if not for this stuff!!  Lachy actually hates it and will clamp his mouth shut as soon as he see's the tube, but once it's on his gums and he's finished pulling faces he's no longer bothered by his 'wanna-be' teeth!! It's kinda like a 'Big Red Car' for his gums!!

So there ya go!!  These are the items currently making my world go round!!  And just to prove how long it takes me to write each blog post, by the time i got to this point, Lachy's 'wanna-be' teeth have turned into 2 Real teeth!!!  

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life Without Regret'

Saturday, 3 March 2012

'At Laaaast'

The last couple of days weeks have been so joyful around these parts (*coughsarcasmcough*)  Whilst my offspring is a constant joy, sometimes id really just like to pop him over the neighbors fence for an hour or 5 so i can have a something on ice regroup and collect my thoughts/marbles...I dont know my neighbors but im sure they wouldn't mind!

My babies had the dribbles/chewing things/swollen gums symptoms of teething for the last 5 months, and these last few weeks he's had the added bonus of being clingy/rubbing gums on EVERYTHING/crap sleeps and just being a sad wee monkey in pain!

Nice photo of the day, not sure what's happening with my head!

This is the face of teething!!

And this.....

This one too....

It just goes on and on....

My poor wee monkey!!!  Pamol and Bonjela can only do so much :(

But lo and behold, yesterday we noticed something WONDERFUL!!!  Lachy has not 1, but 2 little teethie buds happening!!!!  He's been completely uncooperative with getting a decent pic' but here they are!!!

Not the best pic, but they'r there i promise!!!

So hopefully he can have a wee break from the painful gums for a little bit after these puppies have fully arrived and before his top ones bust through!!

Right, bed time now!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life Without Regret'