Monday, 29 October 2012

Pinterest...Nailed it!! The Hubby edition!

I think i may have mentioned before what a legend my Hubby is....well here i am to mention it again!!  Not only has he allowed himself to be dragged into my only slightly addictive Pinteresting world, he has immersed himself in the culture of pinning, and has become a minion to the DIY Pins that i drool over!!

Hence why this post is 'The Hubby Edition'   So without further ado....

The Bedside Tables


 Our Version

Our Bedside Tables :)

 My instructions for this were pretty specific! I wanted a cupboard, but i also wanted a shelf, and i wanted it to match the headboard, and i wanted it to look rough and rustic, but still like an indoor piece of furniture, and it also needed to be Lachy proof, without annoying kiddy locks that this talented mummy can't open!  I think he Nailed It!!!  I LOVE MY TABLES!!

The Toy Boxes


 Our Version

Lachy's Toy box!!

 Love this Toy box! (The 2nd one is on the production line!)  It matches Lachys drawers perfectly and he just thinks it's awesome too....Sometimes he even puts his toys in it!!

The Edible Teepee


Our Version

 So you kinda have to use your imagination for this one at the mo, but i promise to post updates as the plants grow!  A friend of mine suggested this to me first, then i looked around Pinterest to see what else was around!  Because we already had beans planted we decided to give passion-fruit a go, and have planted 2 different types, one gold and one regular purple!  Because the Teepee is actually in garden space without grass, Hubby transplanted some moss to act as carpet for something a bit softer than dirt to sit on! (Lachy already makes a bee-line to it with his snacks!)

The Raised Garden

From NZ Gardener magazine

Our Version

Yup, he nailed it! And i got a compost bin to go with it!! Yuss!! (I had only just planted the veges, hence the sad looking crop, they are perking up though, i promise!!)  Grow my pretties, grow!!!

So that concludes my Hubby edition of Pinterest...Nailed it!!  I have a few goodies in the works so hopefully in the next couple of weeks i'l have more stuff to brag/laugh hysterically/cry about on here!!  And now im off to do a little Pinning before bed!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

17 months!! :)

My boys getting so biiiiiggg!! (sob-sob)
I (again) cant believe how fast time is going!!  I just finished cleaning up from his 1st birthday party and now i'm thinking about what to do for his 2nd birthday!! (Yes, i DO need 7 months to plan his party).


#  Feeding time can now officially be called "Feeding time at the zoo".  My beautiful, angel child stuffs his face (with his hands) so fast he'd challenge even the staunchest competitor at a pie eating contest.  I have even had to growl him to stop him sniffing food up his nose, and tonight, he put a handful of casserole in his ear. Yep, all class round these parts.

'Macca's soft serve? Why yes thanks i will!'

'That wasn't the watermelon i was eating!!??....'

'Num num num...'

#  Play time is equally full on.  I no longer try to follow my child around to keep him from harm.  Now i just sit at the table in the middle of the yard and hope like hell the thing he's putting in his mouth isn't still wriggling when it comes out the other end.  Actually, i lie, i still don't let him on the slide/swing set alone, but it's really high...and he needs me!


Oh you know, just hanging out...patting a LION CUB!!!

....And driving... (Please note, we were in a driveway doing this, not on the road)

#  Sleeping was going really well, until yesterday :(  Usually monkey still has 2 x hour long sleeps a day, then does about 11 hours overnight (Stoked, i know!!)  Last night, he wouldn't go down without a fight, woke constantly and then refused to sleep today!  I'm thinking teeth, cause he's got the rosy-cheeked-drool-face happening at the mo, and cause i'm sure he's due for a couple more soon! (Still only got 6) Hopefully tonight goes well for all involved!!

'I woke up for this???'

'If you can catch me, you can put me to bed!'

#  Monkeys vocab has pretty much regressed, and now all we really get is 'Dad', 'Mum' and a constant stream of babble mixed with his "I Want" sound...which is kinda like a gorilla grunt/whine.  Pleasant much.  While we try not to give in to this, i kinda want him to keep communicating what it is he actually wants, and so most of the day all you here is his grunt, followed with us naming the things he wants...."grunt grunt" "you want a drink?!"  or "grunt grunt whine" "Are you stuck?!"  Our days are so eventful!

Feeding duckies!

'Please, no pictures...'

'I is a seedling....'

#  What else can i say?!  I basically have the cutest kid on the face of the earth....I probably let him get away with more than i should, but his bottom lip pout is just so Awesome, i can't resist it!! 

Channeling a bit of Mick Jagger

Until next month...  (Except for other posts i mean...)
Love you my Monkey-Bum!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Saturday, 20 October 2012

33 Weeks!! :)

Im such a slacker with doing updates!!  It's kinda sad after looking at all the gazzilion pics i took while pregnant with Lachy! I just need to keep reminding myself that last time Lachy was my tummy...this time he's running round like a bit of a psycho getting into everything!!  Makes life interesting that's for sure!  I will try to be a bit more on to it with pics for the last wee stretch (literally..ouch!)...maybe....if i'm awake!! (I shall try and be dressed in 'normal' clothes next time!) (Pfft!  Who am i kidding!  Pj's are totally normal anyway!)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Last Chance Garden...

Yup, as in if this one doesn't work i give up!!  Everything will be dug up and i'll start a snail farm!....Or a weed farm....whichever happens first.

In all my history of gardening (aka since last year) Iv only ever gotten the minimum edible stuff off my plants! (with the exception of the silver-beet and spinach, but honestly, they kinda grow themselves!).  My strawberries have been ok too, spreading like weeds, but still not an abundance of fruit.
I didn't even get to eat any broccoli, tomatoes, or sweetcorn and those were the few plants i really had my eye on!

So this spring, in our new rental home, the gardens have been started, and this time i actually became slightly informed on the subject of vege gardening!

I gotta tell ya, the cats and bugs of the neighborhood must think i'm a freakin' legend!!  My 'Free-for-all salad bar and litter box' was an instant hit.  Not even my planter tubs were safe from the marauding pests!!

It took the slime bugs (this includes slugs and snails) about 12 hours to reduce 1 of my large lettuces to this...

 "Try a beer trap" Screamed an on-line article, so off we (yes We, Hubby gets dragged into all my wee capers!) went, preparing our 'Beer jacuzzi'

That's my remaining half eaten (bug infested) lettuce right there. Just next to the 'jacuzzi'.  (We did catch plenty of slugs and snails in the 'beer jacuzzi', but alas the rest escaped and went on to invite their family to the feast)

My peas and beans were next on their menu resulting in this....

 Then the little buggers started to make a meal of my Cauli's....

"Get some Marigolds, bugs hate them!"  So off i went and planted my brand new 'repellent plant' (You can kinda see it in the above pic, nice splash of color to the garden really!)

 That's the remainder of one of my Marigold plants.  And in the midst of all this, i also had to regularly fish multiple cat poops out of my garden, and try to mend/replant the veges they broke or uprooted in their digging!!  Not impressed!!  Now i know the answer is pretty obvious.  Bug bait and a cover, but i was hoping to teach Lachy to 'help' in the garden!  I even planted the strawberries in the front because then he could reach them on his own, and eat them once ripe (or bash them with his spade, you know, whatever).

But now, however, it's totally Game On!!

Plants are being replaced/ replanted one last time, cats will be shut out, bugs will be slaughtered (in the nicest possible way...i think) and my child will be safe!  I spent the day yesterday (whilst monkey was hanging with his cousins at my sisters zoo farm) re-fertilizing soil, laying weed mat (cats can't scratch in dirt that's not there) laying stones, replanting new plants, and caging my raised bed!  (That last parts a lie, Hubby did all the caging, i held a piece of the chicken mesh at one point though so that makes me co-creator)

Check out my newly complete, pest proof (bloody better be anyway!!) garden!!!

My Courgette and Capsicum plants (weed mat and river stones)

Broccoli (Nothing, these guys are growing great!!)

My strawberries!  Newly contained in my raised bed!

Cucumber plant! (weed mat and river stones)

Corns (Weed mat, haven't got enough riverstones yet!)

Tomatoes!! (Weed mat, no stones yet)

The Garden Cage!!!

There is also a gate on the front of this now too :)

Meet Quash!  Recommended to me by a work friend that doesn't want to kill off the birds that enjoy her garden! (Also safe for kids and pets).  This has been used liberally around my gardens (except the broccoli) and my fingers are now crossed!!  Even though it's says safe for kids, i'm going to try to teach Lachy that it's not good, just in case he starts to think he can play with/eat any bug bait! In reality he's never out there alone anyway, so it's not such a drama really!

So here's hoping for some garden magic!! It would be so nice to finally serve up a meal with my very own vegetables!!!

Stay Tuned.....

Ps:  24 hours since the overhaul and nothing has touched my fledgling garden!!  YUSS!!
Pps:  Did i mention that we currently have 23 different vegetables and fruit beginning to grow around our home????  Super proud!!! :D

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Saturday, 6 October 2012

I have learnt...

I decided the other day, that i would share some of the things i'v learned about raising a grubby, rambunctious little boy!! (And being a mum in general)

#  A Toddlers Rules of Possession is 100% accurate!!

Boys attract dirt.  It just happens, and fighting it is pointless.

#  They Love pink tutu's as much as the next little girl.

Snails are totally edible.

So are rocks/ sand/ paper/ week old biscuit pieces, pretty much anything really.

The winky fascination is an early one.  Expect it to be poked, prodded and pulled (usually at the most inappropriate times)

  Food IS a plaything.  (it's all about texture...or something like that) at the end of the day so long as something goes in and stays there it's all good!

#  You will end up singing _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (*insert Disney jingle of your choice) as you go about your daily activities.

#  You'll rock your supermarket trolley or your armful of groceries regardless of whether your kid is actually with you or not.

# Sleep is not a necessity

#  If sleep is going to occur, it's usually 5 Min's before you head out the door to somewhere important.

#Sleep-ins don't occur anymore...Ever.  Any attempts to put your child to bed later, in the hopes of extending the morning sleep-in, will only result in a tired/grumpy child and a tired/irrational parent at 6am.

#  For everything you think your doing right, at least 3 people will tell you your not.  Thick skin is essential in this job!!

#  There's more fun to be had with a peg and a toilet roll, than the expensive musical toy just purchased.

#  Those expensive musical toys will eventually drive even the most level-headed parent insane.

#  "No" translates to "Quick, before mum catches me!"

# Banana ruins clothes faster than felt pens ever could!

#  Farts...You'll often wonder how your beautiful bundle of joy could ever produce such a smell (beware the 'ghost poop') and start to wonder what he's been eating (see above).

#  And poop....the things i'v learned about poop....It will come in every size/shape/texture/color that ever existed, sometimes in abundance, sometimes scarce.  Sometimes a neat wee parcel is arranged in the nappy, other times there's a shit-storm that's hit every available space of child and clothing. Sometimes 1 wipe, other times a high pressure hose and some get the message :)

And lastly.....

#  You get to experience a Love that is absolutely unlike anything you could ever have imagined!!!

Anything anyone wants to add to this, i'd be glad for the extra knowledge!?!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

Monday, 1 October 2012

16 Months old!! :)

Were do i begin with this wee chappy!!?? Such an adventurer!!  Climbing everything, crawling through things, tasting everything (and i mean Everything).  Always pushing boundaries to see what he can get into/onto/through/over/under/around!!

Prefers the more unorthodox approach to the mount and dismount of his rocking horse/car/motorbike, usually head first in all instances!

LOVES playtime outside, pointing out the planes in the sky, digging in the garden, watering the plants/washing/mummy, throwing sand from his sandpit or paddling in his pool with the hose!!(Roll on Summer!!) 

He's Mr Helpful at cleaning time, and thinks putting the balls back into his ball pit is the best game ever...cause then he can tip them out again!!  Loves his books...Especially the taste of the covers!

Eats best when its just plonked in front of him....kind of!!  That's how he prefers it anyway, and now that iv relaxed a bit in my neat-freak clothing attitude (this simply means its a bigger battle to feed him in a tidy manner so i gave up) we just let him go nuts with his plate and fork and figure if he's hungry enough it'll reach his mouth!!

Still has tanty's, but in between sighs and chuckles i've mastered the art of distraction....for myself. His tantrums no longer bother me quite so much!

Anyway, in short, my kid is freakin' Awesome!!!  Scares the crap out of me on a regular basis with his dare-devil tactics, but more than makes up for that every time he runs to me with his arms out, or snuggles his head into my shoulder.  His smile is just melt-worthy (as is his bottom lip when he gets a growling) and those cheeky looks i get when he's trying to get up to mischief are just Amazingly cute!!  Sigh, my Lachy's just the bee's knee's!!

Love ya Monkey-bum!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'