Sunday, 19 May 2013

5 Months old!! :)

Late again!  Honestly though, being on time is highly over-rated!  My little Olly-pop is 5 months old...nearly 6 months...Nearly 18 years old dangit!!

This lil chubba Loves getting his food on!!.. Like, literally loves getting his food on.  His favs are potato and pumpkin (My home made mix) and banana!!  Still b/feeding but needing a little bit extra after some feeds.  Sometimes the little bit extra is 20mls, sometimes 150mls....

Finally sitting up, as well as inch-worming himself backwards on his belly and rolling all over the place! Loves being held up to stand too!  And Finally, he's getting used to being in the car, and we generally don't have to listen to a shrieking little banshee in the back seat when we go places anymore!! (Yay!!)

Compared to Lachy, this chappy is a dream with day sleeps now, and seems to be pretty clued up about the benefits of a 2 hour nap (like a happy mama).  Night sleeps are still pretty hit and miss though.  I do know he sleeps better on the days that he poops (Go figure huh)  For the most part though he usually manages at least 1 5-6 hour stretch, and on the occasional good night he goes down to bed at 7pm, wakes at 3am for a feed, then sleeps til 6.30am....Bliss!! On the really crap nights he wakes every 2 hours.  I don't like those nights.

This kid has ridiculously ticklish feet and belly, and thinks his brothers hugs (when it's not a headlock) are just the bee's knees (he actually smiles and giggles now when he gets them!)

Such a happy wee lad, that is just loved to pieces!!

 Love you little poppet!!

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. Look at those big, beautiful eyes! Hard to believe he is already 5 months old Renee! Looking at these photos of him makes it hard to believe my little one will be doing all these things in a few months! It goes TOO fast. ::tears::


  2. Great photos, he's such a little bundle of joy x

  3. you had me laughing on the part about a shrieking little banshee. I can totally relate though. That's what my now 2 year old used to do too when we would put him in his carseat. glad that's over now.