Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another Giveaway!!

So it's a little sad, but the other day I reached 100 Likes on my shops FB page!!  This is exciting stuff for me, and so I'm celebrating with a wee give away!!  It's open to everyone anywhere in the world (free shipping) so have a nosy and get your entry in, it's really easy!! You can do it all right here!!  Just like our FB page, share the pic, comment on the pic that you've shared, and your done!!  Easy Peasy!!

Hope to see some of ya entered!! :)

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'

Monday, 14 October 2013

I got my hands did!!

Wahoo!  Thanks to a short gap on a surgical wait list i finally got myself onto an operating table!!  Excitement much!!!

Goodbye Carpal Tunnel issues!!!

After such a long wait, each wrist only took 3 minutes to cut (the surgeons daily record!), i was in the room for maybe 30 mins, and i was home by 5pm (Local anaesthetic only!)!!

Aiming for an evil 'contemplating taking over the world' pose.....Fail (but i had to keep my hands elevated for 48 hours, so there ya go)

About half an hour after this pic was taken i was back to ED after my body decided to disagree with one of my pain medications.  We probably could've been home again fairly soon, but then i decided to disagree with another of the medications i was given! (Not serious disagreements, mind...  Just enough for the gloves on the wall to start marching places)

And so this is 4 days later, during an impromptu dressing change (aka i was nosy)

Right hand

Left hand

Just a teensy bit of swelling (I have naturally fat hands) and bruising....And maybe it currently hurts like feck....maybe.

So now i'm oh so hopeful that these wee cuts will mean the start of some pain free years!!

(The next post will not contain images of flesh cuts, i promise!!)

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Oh, I have a blog!!

Oh hey, look, a blog!!  Oh wait...that's mine....

So how's everyone going then??  All the kids grown and in college now?  Yeah, since the last time i blogged, Lachy's a dentist and married with 3 kids and Ollys just finished medical school and is starting his first rotation.....  I Kidd!! (and perhaps i dream a little...)

It's definitely time for a catch up and a wee dust off this here blog!!

We're good!!  I can't remember where i left off, but we're all settled into our house (after the country house being a tad water logged 'n all) the gardens and court yard are coming to life, our cat's getting enormous and our beautiful boys.....


Lachy's an awesome 2-n-a-bit year old, whose fav' word is 'NO', closely followed by 'tractor'!  He runs, jumps, shrieks, yells, grazes his knees, turns his nose up at every food unless its spaghetti or cottage pie (Or any form of lolly).  He alternates between playing "where's the baby - there he is" to keep his lil' bro happy, to pushing him over, gives him kisses and steals his toys!  He steals my heart every day with his snuggles and cheeky grins, and occasionally he gives me the sweetest lil' 'uv ooo' as he goes to bed!  Manners are being learnt, oh so slowly, but i'm trying to be persistent!

Olly's a 10 month old crawling/standing/trying to walk/dance machine!!  Snuggle? What snuggles?? This kid is constantly wanting to be on the go, not content to just mooch with us like Lachy (unless we have ice cream).  He's still a bit of a chunk, but is starting to thin out like his brother, eats everything but baby food from a can/jar, and loves his water from his sippy cup!  He wants to play with everything and anything, so long as his brother is already playing with it, and has learned to speed crawl to keep up with Lachy.  His fav' place is in or near the cat-food....or the cat.  Such a lil man, ya can't help but love him!!

Both boys sleep through the night 90% of the time, which is just Fantastic!! (Unless they're sick of course) and both are just delightful when they're not screaming!!

Photo Dump Time!!!

I hope everyone else is keeping well and enjoying the change of seasons!!  (Is anyone else noticing that Christmas decorations are starting to appear?? It's OCTOBER people!!)

Any who, i shall pledge to be a better blogger, with riveting tales of....haha, maybe not!  But i shall try to be a bit more regular!...and blog more too! ;)

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'