Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hmmm, can't think of a clever title...

So...i've been absent again...I should really just make that my stamp to start each post with!  Technically i haven't been completely absent, I've been lurking about finding time to stalk all my fav' blogs...and a few 30 others! 

And since i'm s'posed to be finishing up an order, i'm turning this into a 'to-the-point-in-bullet-point' type post!!

Let's begin!

# My kids ROCK!!  Lachy's just impressing the pants off me with his parroting!!  He's copying what we say, and his fav' movie, and he joins in all the actions on his wiggles dvd too (possibly he just watches Way too much telly) Olly's just a wee speedster, trying desperately to keep up with his brother.  I pulled the old trolley out of the garage last week, to see if he'd stand with it and he just took off across the lounge!!  Clever wee poppets!!

#  Hubbies been catering to my every Pinterest whim and our house and yard (a Whole other post there!) looks like a home!! 

Saw this on pinterest...Man i love pallets!! (It's hiding an ugly bit of MDF that's aiding the wall bracket) Still got to work on hiding the wires!

Saw this on Pinterest too (i spend WAY too much time on there!)  I realise they're around the wrong way, but it makes more sense to me this way!

#  Hands are healing slowly....very slowly.  The pain that i have now though is different, and temporary, so i'm happy!

#  First run this morning in my training for a half next year!! (Damn near died, but i made it in the end!)

#  Our cats still a weirdo.  That's all.

#  Going to check out a play group tomorrow!!  Ridiculously excited to be getting out of the house with the boys!! 

#  In desperate need of some wardrobe updating....Extremely (some may say 'obsessively') attached to my comfy old jeans and hoodies though!! (Paint and resin covered though they may be!)  Might be in need of a thrift store challenge...but i'll let ya know!

#  Added 2 courgettes from my garden to dinner tonight!!  So exciting to have our own produce!!

#  Trying to simplify everything at the mo', so any extra bitties that i don't have time for on my blog will be disappearing!!

So that's us for now!!  One day, many years from now, i will write a real post...Maybe!  Or maybe i should just rename my blog A Life in I-Post-Randomly-Land....

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'