Monday, 13 January 2014


After what turned into a busy year, i thought it was time to take a breather.  Turns out that 2014 is looking to be even busier!  But, in the spirit of actually sticking with something this year, 2014 is getting named.


Everything.  The things i do, the things i use. The things i am trying to be.  Really, just Everything.
Last year, when things got busy, i lost sight of the important stuff rather quickly.  This year I'd rather lose sight of the things that complicate my life....This really isn't as deep as it sounds, but let's carry on!
After a few weeks of thoughts and dreams and all sorts of other illogical things going through my mind, i have managed to come up with my simple solution to my 'hectic' life.  Less facebook.  Less Candy crush.  Less Pinterest (don't expect that one to last).  Less gadgets.  Less Crap food.  Less Business.  Less pressure to do.
 More family time.  More outside time.  More actual thinking.  More reading (real books).  More time in the kitchen.  More time in the garden.  More photo's.  More goal setting and dreaming.  More creating stuff (not children, in case you were asking, my wee lads are awesomeness enough!).  More being in the moment instead of being too busy. 
And yes, I'd like to blog more!  Which was the original point to this post and i got side tracked with my simplify tangent...any who!  This blog is going back to basics (I sound like a budget pack of noodles).  I will be posting in my usual random way about whatever i feel like (I sound like I'm 5...i promise I'm not!)  But i will be de-cluttering and just blogging because i love to write really!  There may end up being a garden post, or a recipe post, or a pinterest post ('cause lets face it, i can't give up pinterest!).  There will def' be family posts and pics!! (Just for you mum!)  and who knows what else really!  I'll also be changing back to a .blogspot (maybe time for a name change??) because i would rather be tight with our budget than pay for a spot on the web!
So if you're still here, 'Hey!' Thanks for hanging in there! (Please know that i still read every ones blogs each week, even though I've been such a slacker with commenting!!)

I think we're back on track!! :)

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'