Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bahahaha, and i said simplify!!

Since my last post, the year to date has been anything but simple.  As i listen to my preschooler jumping in his brothers cot, with my toddler screaming his encouragement nearby i can't help but wonder just how heartily God was laughing as i typed away on my blog in January. 
Life with two very enthusiastic(?) boys is a whole different game to the one i was expecting.  It didn't help that i always soothed myself in the knowledge that i was a dream baby, so at least one of my offspring had to follow suit!....Not so, my friends, not so.  Did i mention that their father was a little hell-raiser that liked to light fires?  No?  His mother still has a slight look of terror in her eyes when she speaks of 'those days'.

My day's are full of squeals of delight quickly followed by screams of horror (usually mine), bumps, scrapes, bruises and tears (again, usually mine).  And so for my sanity, thinly veiled by an excuse about the boys needing day care for their development, i have applied to go back to work (I do realise that this will require the wearing of real clothes).  I have also applied to study this year (Distance learning, so pj's are acceptable! Yuss!).  And then there's the jewellery thing.
 I know i'm going to cry when i drop them off for their first day, but as my little delights unfold all the washing i finally and carefully folded, i know i'm making the right decision!

My jewellery has taken a wooden turn and in spite of my finger tips going numb and my nails looking rubbish (they were never that flash to begin with) from hours of sanding, I am LOVING the way it's looking!!  Hopefully i can still find the time to get to markets and keep up with the website and facebook page!  (Ps:  Feel free to have a nosy!)

And just to share my paranoid craziness with all of ya, a few weeks ago the cats of our neighbourhood started disappearing (Ok, only 4, but still).  Sadly, our Maow-maow was one of them.  When talking to our neighbours (Maow-maow used to have play dates with their cat William, like real ones) they mentioned a little lady with a giant hand bag.  One of our neighbours watched this little lady as she stopped to pet William, and then as she tried to lure him down the road!! (When he ran out to yell at her she raced off).  WHO DOES THIS??  Honestly, if she'd attempted to get William into her ginormous bag he would've gone bat-shit-crazy (He's a big cat), but Maow-maow?  He probably would've jumped in head first looking for a treat!  So of course now, with my mind running wild, i'm envisioning an underground mob of little old ladies that are slowly amassing a collection of cats for their 'crazy-cat-lady' mafia.  (and yes, this is far better than any of the other alternative possibilities i've thought of).

So, that's my random 'Simplified' life to date! 

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'