Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Time to Breath..

After an amazingly busy month of markets and jewellery, I'm taking some time to just breath.  I'm going to cook something different...race trains and monster trucks with my boys...watch a movie with my Hubster..(Dear God, did i really agree to watch Star Wars??)...I'm gunna write some blog posts...peruse pinterest....read a book...Maybe I'll even squeeze in craft or two!
 The possibilities are endless!! 

There will also be housework thrown in there somewhere i guess, although i hear that housework is bad for you...something about dust and rubbish and blah blah blah and i should probably just give that a miss..

We took a day off last month to escape to the beach for the day to blast away the winter germs, and it was SO GOOD!!  The warm sand, the sounds of the ocean, the icy cold water, the sounds of my boys exploring something different and exciting!!

Why yes, they are in their PJ's!  After 2 and a bit months of coughs, colds, tummy bugs and ear and throat infections we had pretty much given up trying to look presentable!

Checking out the shells and drift wood under the bridge!!  The boys are so curious about everything now, and they soak it all up like handsome little sponges!! I can see the 'Why?' stage approaching pretty quick...

We stopped at a Coin Save on the way to the beach and bought the boys a bucket and spade each.  These were promptly filled with sand and shells and then tipped over heads...still not sure if they were a good purchase or not!

I wasn't sure how the boys would go around the water, but they were happy just looking, and then they were off chasing seagulls.

Discovering empty crab shells!  I hate crabs...with a vengeance (yes, even the teensy ones)...and trying not to pass this fear on to the kids is quite hard when i really don't want to touch the darn things!!  Kinda like bugs....If one of my boys has an insect on them they'd better hope their dads home to remove it!!

And then the water became appealing!! It was freezing, but still good (once your feet go numb the temperature doesn't matter)!!  We let them splash and make mud pies for a wee bit, then walked back to the car for a wardrobe change! Some hot chips and a play in the playground made for a Great end to the day! 

LOVE hanging with my Family!!   (Mostly because they don't mind my yoga pants and PJ shirt)  Speaking of yoga pants and PJ shirts, i'm gunna be gracing ya'll with my impression of a fashion/style (i use those words in the loosest possible way) post!!  Stay tuned, that will likely be a post worth seeing!...Cause a bit of a laugh is always good.  As is being made to feel good about your own fashion sense! It's a public service really....you're welcome :)

And now if you'll excuse me, i have to go and figure out a way to erase the pen scribbles that are now gracing the pages of the 'Toddler Taming' book that i borrowed from the library...

Renee  :)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Monday Funday...on a Tuesday

I may be alone here, but Mondays aren't really a huge drag for me.  I don't have to go anywhere to work, the boys don't have anywhere they need to be.  Tuesdays...well they're more like Monday for me!  Lachy has Kindy, so right away i have to get dressed (which would be easier with my pinterest wardrobe, i'm sure), then there's the whole 'Grocery Day' thing, which requires writing lists and checking cupboards, which results in me needing to clean so i can actually see what we have.  It also means baking day...yep...i bake...

Ohk, so it's not really a busy day, but it's a fantastic excuse to create a wee ray of sunshine in the form of Pinterest and all the funny bits i find on there!!  So here ya go...you're welcome :)

Seriously, i could spend all day scrolling through funnies!....and inspiring quotes....and recipes....clothes....Sigh!  Time to go and get some ironing done...honestly, why do clothes still need to be ironed!??

Renee  :)