Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Did i miss December?

Whoops, i missed December...how'd that happen!?  Oh I KNOW!  It was a month long flurry of birthdays, anniversaries, ear infections, coughs, house moving, Christmas markets and Christmas!!! 
Yes, yes i did say house moving...again...(i'm starting to feel like some previously undiscovered Gypsy genes are trying to break out!)

Things have been just a tad hectic, and with children that didn't take to the move like good Gypsy kids should, both with coughs, and no one sleeping...well, you know, priorities!
At least i got my Christmas shopping done...on the 23rd of December...at 9pm...

You know what though, Christmas was Awesome!  It wasn't a year to start traditions, (or purchase a tree...magical mum fail 101) or decorate, or host feasts, but we were together, and that made it magic enough :)  My children also got spoiled rotten, so there's that!

And over the last few days we've just been relaxing, going on 'jungle adventures', hanging at home and just getting back into routine (also, unpacking boxes...sooo much to unpack).  The boys are enjoying their new back yard and having their own rooms, we're enjoying prepping the gardens and welcoming our first veges, and everyone's just taking a breather really!
Now, sitting in my armchair, with chip and dip, watching my favorite 'Alaska - Last Frontier' episodes(I love Jane, she's hilarious!), i'm remembering 2014, and thinking of what i want to achieve for 2015 (Move to Alaska..?)  There's just something wonderful about having a new year, full of potential stretched out in front me! 
 Goals are Coming!!
(and photos...as soon as i unpack my camera!)


Renee  :)