Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Oh hey, January!!

Just when you all thought I was going to miss January as well....


I've been missing Ye Ole Blog, but somewhere between sweltering days and ridiculously hot nights my energy/motivation/will to focus on anything but our wee swimming pool, disappeared!

The heat has been pretty hard on the boys too, with sleep becoming harder to find as the days grow longer and warmer.  The days not spent in the wee pool, were spent indoors, out of the sun, with the doors and windows wide open and the fans on high! 

Life's been a run of swimming, paddling, wading, hose fights, lounging, shaded bush walks, watermelon, milk shakes, smoothies, ice blocks and more ice blocks!!

There's also been lemons....lots of peeled lemons...

And some tantrums in the heat too....

Yoghurts good for the skin too!

Taking his big brother responsibilities very seriously with a good story book!

Mr Independence!!   I've been retired from my sandwich making duties!

 For the last couple of days though, the temperature has dropped oh-so-slightly, leaving us with a little more energy and ability to function, and Lachy has taken full advantage of the break from the heat to turn into an independent lil dude!!  His new catch phrase is "I can do it MYSELF"
 Olly has taken the 'terrible twos' as a personal challenge, and throws tantrums like no bodies business!!  Good thing he's cute!!

And now I'm going to end this post abruptly because my computer is having some heating issues of it's own!!  I shall be back soon though, with exciting stuffs to babble on about!! 
And pics too!! :)


Renee  :)