Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Family of 5! :)

Where oh where does the time go!?  All of my well thought out plans of crafting and creating (and blogging) this month have up and disappeared on a breeze! 
In particular, this breeze :)

Yup!  Number 3 will be arriving at some point in  August!!  We're pretty excited (aka terrified...what the heck do you do with 3??!)  I swear time has slowed to a standstill over the last couple of months, and I'm hanging out for that magical non existant time when I will start to feel normal again...(maybe in 6 months?)  I'm not liking my chances of the whole weekly update thing, so let's go for monthly...or maybe one for each trimester...? Yeah, that sounds do-able!  To be honest, I could've started bump photos way back in January...I keep hearing that my size is normal, and that by the 3rd baby your body just knows which shape to go...I don't have the heart to tell anyone that I had a belly before I started!
Highlights so far...Lachy asking to go and see the baby "fwoating in mummies tummy"...I wont mention his disappointment at the sight of the grainy black n white blob on the telly! 

And so aside from me lounging about feeling well and truly sorry for myself, we've really just been home bodies, soaking up the sunshine (or wilting in the heat/humidity)!

The boys have discovered the advantages to the wee slope in our back yard, and have been waddling their baby bikes up the to the top and then racing down, feet in the air, expressions wild!!

And drawing.  This deserves a whole other post, but I'm squishing it on here in case my next post is 3 years from now.... you know...
My boys have gone from having no interest in art, to drawing up a storm in the space of a couple of weeks!!  I don't understand the sudden interest, but we're running with it!! Our lounge is currently littered with crayons, chalk, white board markers and felts, and the lads are having a blast!!
Below is the very first person my monkey has ever drawn!!  So yes, I took a photo!! (As you do!!)  Proud mama much!?

And so my aim for the remainder of February, is to get dressed (especially if I have to leave the house), maybe attempt some cooking (although thank God for a husband that cooks better than me!) and maybe jump back into the swing of life and just functioning in general!

Just a word of warning...if my blog changes names or looks without warning, it's still me, I'm just showing my amazing indecisiveness!

Renee  :)