Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Catching up :)

Finding time is hard.  And finding energy to accompany the time can be even harder.  Motivation? Pffft, what's that!?  Goals? Bahahahahahaha!

And yet here we April, still functioning!  Cooking's getting done, some cleaning is too (the garden, not so much), my boys are still running around like...well, like boys, and I'm still getting up every morning and 'complaining' about the beauty of the world.

The weather is Finally starting to cool down, so melting is no longer a constant fear, and the boys are enjoying getting out into the fresh air without overheating! (My new slippers are also getting out and about now...and, yes, they're quite awesome.)

 Something I can't say I'm enjoying are the new stages my little elves have arrived at...A threenager is real folks.  It is very real.  Talking back, selective hearing, screaming matches (literal ones), nasty behaviour towards the younger (threenager worshipping) brother.

  Also real...the 2 year old copycat sibling with a good dose of the terrible twos and two year molars.  Somewhere between the full on tantrums, hitting, throwing, horrible sleep, screaming and yelling we have managed to put a stop to the biting....but that's about it.

 But don't let me fool you into thinking it's all fun and games around here.  The threenager also has a new found love of reading (His favourite is a book about the human body...fav' new catch phrase..."food turns into POOP!!")  He cuddles more, talks more, sings, dances, is more outgoing, is quick to say sorry when he's done wrong, will kiss and hug his brother better, will kiss and hug me better too (bad days happen).

 And the little has become quite the Artist!  Painting is his favourite medium, but anything that leaves a mark makes him happy.  He's still the life of any party, and works his dimples to his advantage on a regular basis.  He loves All the animals and any child smaller than he is.  He's a morning snuggler (possibly because it allows him to escape his cot), and a water baby.

My parenting technique has gone through various different stages over the last few months.  These range from 'don't sweat the small stuff' to 'holy crap the small stuff turned into bad habits' to 'yell and then cry' to 'meh, let them lick the cat'.  I confess, dealing with this short (and I do know it's only short) stage in time has not been a walk in the park for me (More like a steeplechase through the park walking 10 rabid dogs and a bunny).  Most days leave me exhausted and wondering what the heck I'm going to do with 3 of the wee delights. Probably cry.  A lot.

 And yet I'm pretty excited by the thought...and looking forward to seeing my 3 babies together....and slowly figuring it all day at a time.
Sleepless nights (and days), nappy blow-outs, spit-ups, reflux, colic, wondering what to do with the new born when I need to pee...these thoughts alternately give me the chills, and bring back fond memories of the boys (Because time will always lend you rose coloured glasses when you need them).

Daylight saving is done for now and winter is slowly advancing.  I'm dreaming of cold clear days, bundled up and playing at the park, pretending to be steam-breathing dragons.  Of dreary, rainy days snuggled up in-doors building towers and watching movies.  Kids fresh out of the rain and into bubble baths.  Hot soup, casserole, chunky buttered bread....
I'm having nightmares about cabin fever and restless children.  Snotty noses, sore throats and ear infections.  Muddy floors and....actually, I'm not too concerned about muddy floors.
They'll keep.

So on we go, and I truly hope the blog can find a spot in my day/week/month to be my outlet, letting me vent and skite, discuss my lack of parenting prowess, and my occasional attempts at cooking/crafting/gardening etc.  And you know, whatever comes to mind when I'm typing! 

Hope everyone's had an Awesome start to their week! :)

Renee  :)

Monday, 13 April 2015

Baby 3 - Halfway :)

After looking at all the bump pics I took with both of my boys, I've started to feel a wee bit (or a whole lot) embarrassed by the complete lack of pics/updates/or even mentions of baby number 3!

And so here I am, 21 weeks and 2 days...trying to remember what to write about!....Aaaaand I'm coming up pretty blank! 

So for a brief mid point update...

Baby girl is looking healthy and happy and growing like a dandelion!  We're feeling  pretty awesomely blessed with this wee poppet, and her brothers are slowly warming to the idea that there will be another addition to the household!

This week my goal is to find some energy that isn't spent wrangling my boys, and use it to brush my hair and take a bump pic! (although I could save us all the hassle and just mention here that I'm huge)

So I shall be back, I promise, with an improved update and a pic or two....probably just one though!

'Til then..

Renee  :)