Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Beauty of Adventure

There are a huge amount of things I want my children to learn as they grow up, and in spite of the day and age they're growing up in, none of the things at the top of my list include technology.
I'm not at all dismissing technology as a bad thing (because sometimes that i-pad is a lifesaver), just as a lower priority!

I want my kids to know the fun and excitement of being outside in the fresh air with nature, before they learn to google answers and read articles about the adventures of others.

The Beauty of Adventure?
 It doesn't always have to come on a grand scale.  Adventure, can be found in the smallest moments, if you only take the time to find it.

 The excitement of new discoveries, and fun in small but significant moments.  Counting the little things as huge, because they are.

Seeing potential in every tree, a fort in every blanket, a feast in every bean sprout.  I want my children to learn about fishing for sprats to feed the cat, and carving something with their own hands.  I want them to play in mud and eat a few snails, try to catch butterflies and collect different sea shells.

Every now and then, I'm reminded of just how special little moments can be, by the light in my children's eyes as they describe something to me, or see something that I would otherwise have over-looked.

When we walk, they point out leaves, bridges, clouds, and they will often include a story about the item that's caught their attention.  A troll under the bridge, a giant in the clouds, leaves coloured in by fairies.  As we garden, bugs are discussed (occasionally eaten) and plants are picked (also occasionally eaten).

When I take the time to slow down and pay attention, their adventure becomes mine too, as they share their delight, and I get to feel the excitement and joy that comes from discovering new things, even if it is for the millionth time.
For this gift from my children, I am so very grateful.

Let's be Adventurers!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Fisher-Boys

Ahhh, fishing!  I have such fond memories ... casting my line out, the smell of fish bait sitting in the sun, losing a multitude of sinkers in the rocky shores of the Coromandel ... The wee tugs on the end of my fishing line, the excitement of landing my first Snapper, finding crabs and seaweed instead of the hoped for fish, seeing the Gurnard I caught earlier in the day becoming dinner ... It stands to reason that I married a man who shares my enthusiasm for the joy that is fishing ... and that our children would be educated in the ways of the fisherman ...

I confess, we were by far more excited about this than the boys were .... until they saw their very own fishing rods, and then it was all on!! Although the weather wasn't the greatest we toddled off to the closest stretch of salt water ... Raglan!

And on a teeny concrete pier (call it what you will) my boys got to 'help' their dad ready the lines with hooks and sinkers, before plopping them into the water below!!

With an enthusiasm that would make all the grandparents proud, the boys proceeded to reel in their lines so that we could cast them out again .... and again ...

and again ... and with the occasional mention of jelly-fish (Curse you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for an unrealistic view of fishing) they were cast out again!

Eventually the wind picked up a bit too much and lines began to tangle faster than we could fix them, so it was time to call it a day for the fisher men!

And so it was over to the playground and beach for a run around and the best burgers I have Ever tasted at the camping grounds! (Except for Fergburger ...they shall always have my stomachs heart)

There may also have been ice-blocks and selfies!!  And some funny faces too! (And did anyone notice that I finally finished one of the snoods I was knitting!!??)

And yeah ...we fed the birds some leftover chippies.  These birds were seriously talented, and would swoop and catch the chippies before they hit the ground!!  The boys thought it was Awesome ... although I possibly found it even more hilarious than they did!
(I promise the gull wasn't swooping for Olly!)

A mid-flight chippie catch!

(Excuse the blurred pics, I asked them to slow down a bit, but birds will be birds!)
And then I started to get paranoid about getting pooped on, so it was off to find some puddles ... and some dry clothes ...

And the playground too ...

Then it was time to take our sleepy lads home!

My boys!!  They did so well with their new fishing rods, and had so much fun splashing through puddles and chasing the seagulls!!  And for me and my bearded man, it was a brilliant escape from day to day life, where we could give the boys a peek into one of our favourite past times!

Here's to more Adventures!!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

30 Weeks :)

Yup, I'm sure ya'll are sick of seeing beautiful maternity pictures, so here's me cleaning up after dinner :)

 How far along:  30 Weeks!!! Well, 30 weeks and 5 days, but who's really counting??  Jokes, I'm counting!!!  And you know what, time is whipping by rather fast!

Size of Baby:  The size of a large cabbage...(approx' 43cm long and 1.5kg)

 Best Moment This Week:  Finding a pair of jeans that are super, super comfy, and a pants extender set so that I can actually wear them! Also, suddenly realising that the hideous heartburn that I experienced while pregnant with both boys, is all but absent (touch wood)!!

Symptoms:  So much rib pain!!  And while a heat pack is lovely, there isn't a single thing that actually relieves the pain :(  I'm so very glad that, so long as I don't push myself or take too big a steps, the pelvic pain has eased and now I can actually move!!

Sleep:  This category needs to go under the 'Miss Anything' category, because sleep is something I miss dearly! Getting comfortable is such a mission (I'm such a tummy sleeper)!

 Miss Anything:  Sleep, and extra coffees, and chasing my children ... I really miss that feeling of a nice slow run too..

Cravings:  Funnily enough .. Running ... and cookie n creme ice cream!!

Gender:  Girl! I likely won't believe this until I'm holding her in my arms, I've got my back up boys names just in case!

 Queasy or Sick:  Occasionally queasy, but not really anything to write home about!

 Looking Forward To:  Meeting this little lass and seeing her brothers meet her too!! Snuggling into her and smelling that new baby smell... And seeing my toes... sleeping on my tummy... moving faster than a tortoise...fitting my clothes properly... you get the idea ;)

My standard 'pregnant with a stick shots'.... no pregnancy is complete without them!

And I promise I'll make more effort to get at least one more bump post up before baby joins us in August!


Sunday, 14 June 2015

DIY Kids Photo Books :)

I know right!! I did some DIY!  I'm exceeding my expectations!!

My boys LOVE looking at photos (Especially if they're in them) but we don't actually own any photo albums!  (Everything's on our laptops, it's sad, I know...we really need to work on least a wedding album would be good)  So yesterday I set about selecting some photo's of the boys doing different activities with different family members and then we went off to print photos and get supplies!

My original 'supplies' were going to be a couple of small photo albums with room to write about who was in each pic, but then I read yet another awesome post about mums crafting with their kids and thought stuff it, lets find something the boys can add their own personal touch to!!

Well, after 3 hours of searching and only finding 2 DIY albums (that weren't quite designed for small children) I gave up and decided to get crafty!

Some card, some ring thing-imys and a hole punch and Hey Presto...

We have ourselves an album!!!
A bit plain, but with some scrap booking paper, some puffy letters and a whole load of photos...

 They were coming to life!! 

 I made one for each of the boys, with their own photos to look at and decorate.... I think they were a little bit awesome... and so did the boys :)

 Then came the decorating!!  Letters, shapes, coloured card, corrugated card, stickers, glitter, stars, rock guitar stickers, fluffy balls (of which the cat stole most) and Googly eyes!! (I was most excited about the googly eyes!)

I should also mention the scissors and copious amounts of glue!  We had a few issues with scissors...apparently if your left handed you have to buy left handed scissors...3 lefties at one craft table...4 pairs of right handed scissors...seriously, I didn't even know you had to buy hand specific scissors!!

 Confession time...the boys had a blast for about half and hour with gluing and stickers before they started wandering off to play cars...and just maybe me and the hubster continued to play with the decorating stuff....there were A LOT of googly eyes...and now there are not...

 And there you have it!  2 kids photo books, made with love by all of us, with room to add more with each activity/photo opportunity!!  We had a visitor shortly after we packed away and both boys showed off their books with all of their pictures and crafts!  I really wish we'd done this sooner, but better late than never!!

On a quick side note, going through all the pictures of the boys also turned out to be a great time to talk about baby sisters arrival in a couple of months, showing them pictures from when they were teeny little babies, just out of mummy's tummy!!
I think they're getting the idea! :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Our Baby Nook on a budget :)

Baby #3 doesn't currently have her own room, and wont until I can get her brothers sharing a room...and still going to sleep at their regular bedtime...(Dare to dream , right!?)
I'm hopeful that #3 will want to stay close to her mummy for a wee bit longer than her brothers anyway (they were both in their own rooms by 4 months), not just for the sweetness of baby snuffles and snorts overnight.  It's also a whole lot more comfy being able to feed baby without having to leave the bedroom!
So until then, this is babies little nook!...Well, this is the 'before' of babies little nook...

The bassinet has been handed down through my Hubbies family, the drawers are thrifted and the mirror is on its way out the door because it doesn't fit anywhere....

...and Hey Presto!!

This is the 'Baby Nook' we've created...

I'm so so pleased with how it looks and cannot wait for baby to arrive and make it complete!! 
Once she moves into her own room we can just move her things with her, and add a few extra bits and pieces...(I have an armchair waiting in the wings for that moment!!)

I Love this mirror!!  Thrifted and repainted to match the drawers, it's the perfect addition to our wee nook! Between the shelf for lotions and the hooks for babies hair-bands, it's just awesome!

 Our repainted drawers (Currently full of the sweetest looking baby clothes!!) with a chevron feature drawer and wicker baskets to store nappies, socks, hats etc :)

 And our little patch of wall art for baby :) Love these frames (Buy one get-one free is always a bonus!)  and my lil' crafted 'A' :)

Simple but sweet!

So now we wait patiently (or not so patiently), stocking up on nappies and other necessities, washing and folding baby clothes, shopping for booties and hair-bands, and talking with the boys about how their baby sister will be arriving in a just a few months!! 

11 weeks to go!!

Bump update coming very soon!! :)

Friday, 5 June 2015

Snood Envy..

Snood, Cowl, Infinity scarf ... call them what you will.  I shall call them fluffy, snuggly deliciousness for my neck!!  So how many of these wondrous items do I own??  None.  How many do I have semi-knitted in my craft area?  Maybe 7? ... I stopped counting when I realised that it just made me look inconsistent!

In case you couldn't tell, I love chunky!  Here's a few of my favourites that I rounded up from Pinterest!  (FYI .... This is my severely narrowed down list) 


I love the buttons! Although in my mind I'm thinking mini-toggle styled buttons could rock my knitted world a bit too...


A snood for your head?? Don't mind if I do!!  Actually, today was the first time I ever saw one, but now that I have ... It's So On!


I just love that this one looks so light and chunky and snuggly all at the same time!  And the almost lace look ('cause I'm all about fancy knitting terms) teamed with the chunky wool ... someone needs to knit me this!!


I really need to learn to crochet ... Crochet ... such a funny looking word.


This is one that's currently on my needles!  It's not looking as chunky as this though, so I'm debating whether or not I need to rethink my wool selection...


Another Head Noodle!!(Yeah, I made that up just now ....  You're welcome)


I need to gain some serious skills before I even look at patterns for these, but my goodness I need one of these in my life!!! for my children....

Anybody else suffering from snood envy or am I the only one in the world that doesn't currently own one of these woollen snugglies??  Maybe this winter I'll actually get one finished, and then I can dedicate another whole post to it!! (You wont be able to miss it, cause I'll be posting picture proof EVERYWHERE!)