Thursday, 21 January 2016


Abby-doo, Crazy eyes, Miss Moo, Chunk, Sweet pea.

I'm not even behind in 'Abby updates', there just aren't any!  So's one now!!

My sweet little Abby is an absolute delight.  At around 2 and a half months she found her volume button and hasn't looked back since.  She babbles, coos, shrieks, squeals, and since last week, she hisses too.  Yep.

At 3 months and 2 weeks (the day after my birthday) she rolled from her back to her tummy...and once again, she hasn't looked back.  If there's something she wants, she simply rolls over to it.  She can also rotate around to face which ever direction she needs too.  She's starting to figure out that she can move forward if she tucks her legs under and digs her feet in...hasn't quite figured out that she needs to move her upper body to finish the move.  I can see many a face-plant in her near future!

Food, glorious food!  Miss Moo is still a breast fed baby (and will be for as long as I can), but we've introduced a small amount of home made purée apple (about a Tablespoon) in the evening, which she scoffs down as fast as she can!

Sleeps pretty hit and miss with this little poppet, but I'm pretty sure the hot, humid days/nights have a lot to do with that!   I still try to get her down for 2 - 3 naps a day, and she'll usually get an hour or two all together out of those!  Nights, she usually wakes up at least twice, sometimes more, rarely less.  And that's ok too.  What's not so much fun is her taking an hour or 2 to go back to sleep sometimes.  Partying at 2am is one of her all time favourite things!

My happy little chippy.  Such a laid back kid when I compare her to her brothers.  She fusses when she's hungry and tired, but rarely has full on meltdowns.  In fact, she really only cries when she's gassy!  We're pretty lucky there I think!   Her favourite time of day is nakey-bum time, and if she sees a nappy coming she turns into a wriggly worm trying to escape!

So, at 4 and a half months our little dumpling is just shy of 9kg (nearly 20lb) and is 68cm long (26.7 Inches) She's transitioning from her size '0' to size '1' clothing, leaving me scrambling to get photo's of her in all her pretty dresses and outfits before she outgrows them!  She's just so chunky, I love her roly legs and arms!!

This wee lass has certainly made life more hectic (and terrifying), but she's also wrapped us all around her little finger, with her chubby, dimpled cheeks and her sassy looks! 

Life truly couldn't be sweeter :)

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  1. Oh my God she is just ADORABLE!!!! Your blog wasn't updating in my reader but I've updated it with the new name so helpfully it will now!